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Your heart was won with money
and you went running to the downtown
You had something inside
that made you mess things up
The slippers went to hell
and you made it all obvious
The desire for drawing attention
was your favorite hobby
And now, you even have a spouse
The things we must bear
Girl, I find funny
your new civil state.
That guy is so stupid
for believing in your aristocracy:
You are the "Ñata" Pancracia,
known as "wrinkled nose"
an empanada seller,
in Pompeya neighborhood.
And your mom? Well,
Let's respect the dead one!
And now you have a car,
a squirrel fur coat,
and also an imbecile
who chatters in french...
How are you, three times how are you,1
Mrs Ramos Lavalle!
When you show your waist
going arm in arm with that guy
I don't slap the hell out of you
for not hitting you on the street!
Mrs! We got to see
your mistress whims!
If you remember Ramona
pay her rent...
Don't play the upstart
wasting the money,
Lower your pride
with your rich look
They know you more
than the tango La Cumparsita!
  • 1. A very tacky way of saluting someone
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