Nikos Kourkoulis - Tosa Deilina (Τόσα δειλινά) (English translation)

English translation

tosa deilina

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One forgoten picture in my memory is still alive
embrace and drunk on rain
Now we are alone, I turned the page, but
like time froze, gets me back there
So many nights, so much insomnias, mutual dreams and heart beats
bitter and sweet I tasted with you, and now loneliness
Magic nights and we under the stars, lips and hands touches
on frost, there were summers for us, and now loneliness
Days, night, profligacy in bars on squares,
now only pictures are my company
everything is the past now, and I love it so much
everything, like one picture, reminds me of you
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Tosa Deilina (Τόσα δειλινά)