Tots som pops (English translation)

English translation

We're all octopuses

On amountain there's a shepherd
who was singing a song.
In the sea a mermaid said:
- Let's see if you want to pay attention,
Don't be a rascal
Damn, damn, shepherd, you're so funny.
Shepherd, if you went down for a bit...
- And why don't you come up here?
- We'll make a beautiful couple
- We'll make a postcard couple
The girl gets out of the water the way she can and goes up there.
And all happy make a shack in the field.
We're all octopuses, we're all octopuses.
Come, come, come, sing along:
- Oh, how green is the field.
We see butterflies,
All white and beautiful
Like the rosemary flower.
Come, girl, come, come,
Come, girl, come with me.
How pretty is
the good morning spring.
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Tots som pops

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