Tous les visages de l'amour (English translation)

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All the faces of love

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You, with your thousand and one attractions
I never know who you are
You change faces and aspects so often
You, whatever your age and your name
You are an angel or the devil
When you show to me in turn
All the faces of love.
You, if God had not made you
I would have had to create you
To give my life some meaning
You, who are my joy and my torment
Sometimes a woman and sometimes a child
You offer to my heart every day
All the faces of love.
I, I am the fire that flares up or dies down
I am the wind that howls or that sobs
I am strength or weakness
I, I could defy heaven and hell
I could tame the earth and the sea
And reinvent youth.
You, come and make me what you want
A happy or unhappy man
One word from you and I am dust or God
You, be my hope, be my destiny
I am so scared of the future
Show to my helpless soul
All of the faces of love
You, all of the faces of love.
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Tous les visages de l'amour

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