Sofiane - Tout l'monde s'en fout (English translation)

English translation

Everyone does not care // Nobody cares

I took the stop strip, I did not have time to queue,
Yeah I'm badly surrounded, stuffed like half of my city
We do not forget the DNA, we do not forget the casing
The devil gets dressed in Prada or whatever he wants, I fight the balls
Yesterday forgot everything, tomorrow morning speaks badly
Nobody loves me and since that's how I'll go without you
Nobody will ever understand, tell them how bad you are
Do not forget the main one, basically nobody cares
Grown under a pirate flag, I went with the wind
Yes my blood flowed and then I blew blood
There's heckling all the time, there's some noise even when it's calm
There are noises running and others that start the bike, Fianso
I know too many weird people, that's why my health deviates
I would already be in the cemetery if I had to invent lives
You stole to eat, you killed, you sold the hero '
We are all aware, there is not that God who knows, brother
I told them, "I will avenge", obviously no one believed me
I try to kill time and then that person kills me
See the looks change, that I thought it was the epilogue
It did not count in years, it was counted in episodes
I see myself running after my nights until the end of my days
It's been a long time since I lost the north, I have the ceiling that turns
May God keep me from having the throne, boss or leader
Fear of my brothers or short, Jesus Marie Youssef
Nobody likes me and since it's like that, I'll go without us
How far the map leads solo to count my treasure
Never open your heart if the rest of the world does not care
They clink to life, we clink to death, Fianso
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Tout l'monde s'en fout

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