Toy Karayo (English translation)


Toy Karayo

Toy karayo a inkaikailaigi
Kadagitoy un-unoy ko a dika aklunen
Ta inpagarup mon sa a bareng bareng
Ulbod allilaw panangirurumen
Nairut a karik ken sapatak
Awan patiem
Nayasnekan a panagun-unnoy ko
Dika pay denggen amin a pananggutigot ko
Inka pay lalaisen a panangidadanes, panangirurumen
Ania't kayat mo a denggen
A pakabukayan dayta kaasi
Tapnon ayat ko't pasudiem
Ket agbiagak a sitatalingenngen
Submitted by manyone on Fri, 29/12/2017 - 10:54
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English translation

My Affection

My affection for you, you just ignore.
You reject the words of love that i implore
Maybe it's because you think it's wishful thinking
Lies and deception, a lot of trickery!
my firm oath and my promise, you refuse to understand
you don't even want to hear or listen to my heartfelt plans
and all my tentative advances, you rebuke and regard them
as unnecessary means to unromantic end
what words do you want me to say
so i can gain your trust and concern
i hope you will love me as well
so i will live to be under your spell
Submitted by manyone on Fri, 29/12/2017 - 10:54
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