Trío Xhavizende lyrics

phantasmagoria    Sun, 23/10/2016 - 19:27

Here's some information about the group, since there's little to no information out there about them: They've been playing for more than 50 years, preserving and representing the region they were born in; and are recognized for their efforts and dedication. The band started out when they made collaborations with Luis Martínez Hinojosa, who suggested the name "Trío Xhavizende". At the time, the band consisted of Máximo Maurilio López Guerra b. 1928 (Ta1 Máximo), Mario "Cheno" (Ta Mario) and Ta Mou Deeme. Fernando Salinas (Ta Dximi) joined them after Ta Mou had passed away and Ta Máximo became ill and was unable to play; Ta Dximi substituted for him while still being a guitarist for another band. After Ta Mario passed away, Ta Máximo and Ta Dximi kept playing, they're technically a duo now but have not changed the name. Both have covered a variety of songs, most of them in Zapotec as that is their native language, songs that would otherwise be lost to time if no one made the effort to keep them alive.

  • 1. Ta means 'Don'.