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A la gerra me vo irLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
A la gerra me vo yoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
A la nanaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
A la una yo nasiLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
A sinyora noviaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ahí en el midbarLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Amor y MuerteLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Amores en el marLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Arvolés Yoran Por LuviasLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Arvoliko de YaseminLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Avre tu puertaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Avrix mi galanicaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ay ManceboLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Azeremoz una merendaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Bastuniko De DjevezliLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Bre sarika breLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Chiko minikoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
D'enfrente moroLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
Dak'il TasLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Dame La Mano, PalombaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Diez y Ocho Años Tengo (Diziocho anos tengo)Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)
AROYO Chamber Choir (Istanbul) 1984
Dos AmantesLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Durme Durme Mi AndjelikoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Durme Hermoza DonzeyaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Durme, durme ermozo ijikoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Durme, durme, hijiko de madreLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Durme, durme, kerido ijicoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
El amor furienteLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
El debate de las flores (Alabar quiero al Dió)Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
El novio no kere dineroLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
El Pasharo del AmorLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
El Peshkador EnamoradoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
El Puevlo AunadoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
El Rey De FranciaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
En Ca De Mi PadreLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
En El Verdjel De La ReynaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
En Este MundeLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Entre Las GuertasLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
Amid the Jasmine 2008
Esta Muntanya D’enfrenteLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
EsturuluLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ijikos PresyadosLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ir me kero la mi madre*Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
İstemem Babacığım / No quiero madreLadino (Judeo-Spanish), Turkish
Kipur (Shachar avakeshcha) שַׁחַר אֲבַקֶשְׁךָHebrewTranslation
Klara Komo El SolLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Komo El Pasharó Ke BolaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Kondja mia + El Nora AlilaHebrew, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La dolor de la prensesaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La Donzeya de Chika EdaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La Flor del JardínLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La Galana y La Mar (Various Version)Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La guerra turco-búlgaraLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La komida la manyanaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
La madre abandonadaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La novia con cara en pazLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
La Reina de La GrasiaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La Reina Jerifa MoraLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La Rosa EnfloreceLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La SerenaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
La Vida Do Por El RakíLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
LandaricoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Las EstreyasLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Las quejas de la recién casadaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
Los Bilbilicos (La Rosa Enflorece)Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Los Vestidos de Los NoviosLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Madres amargadasLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Majo, majoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Maldicha Tripa De MadreLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Mama Yo No Tengo VistoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Mi Padre Era De FransiaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
MinoucheLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Nani NaniLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ni pudra yeva ni kolorLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
Judeo-Espanol Sephardic Songs (1989), Scalerica d' Oro (2001)
No kero madreLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
No Me Des Kon RevolverLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
O, que mueve mesesLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ojos PretosLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Para Que Quero Yo Mas BivirLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Paxaro D'hermozuraLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Poco le das la mi consuegraSpanishTranslation
Por la tu puerta yo pasí,Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Por Que Llorax Blanca Niña?Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)
Por Una NinyaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)
Ladino Love Songs
Povereta muchachikaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Quando Veyo Hija HermozaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Scalerica De OroLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Shir Lashir (Shir Nashir)Hebrew, Catalan (Medieval)Translation
Sos Muy ErmozaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Un kavretiko [Chad Gadya / Ha Gadya (גדי אחד)]Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Una Hija Tiene El ReyLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Una Matika De RudaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Una Muchacha En SelanikaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Una Noche al Bordre de la MarLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Una PastoraLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ven HermozaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ven KeridaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Ya viene el kativoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Yendome para MasiliaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Yerushalaim de oroLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Yerushalaim de oro sosLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Yo boliLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Yo En La PrizionLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Yo era ninyaLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
Yo Era Un LeonikoLadino (Judeo-Spanish)Translation
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