Transgressão (English translation)

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Everything is so strange here
So hot, so cold
I can't touch anything or lie down
But don't be afraid
Because this day outside of time
Must, sooner or later, end
In the suffocation created from my own change
A sticky casing, filled with emptiness and false hope
In the pinched closing of the chrysalis of my own creation
Thinking of death, inevitable, I prepare to die alone
A crack appears, a light warms me
I opened my eyes and since then everything stupefies me
The weight grows heavier, my body stops, it goes off like a flare
I suddenly realize I'm flying with a pair of wings
I feel paralyzed when I hear a heartbeat, strong and clear
I discover that life is possible, but you have to be lucky
Let me fly, let me fly
Let me fly, let me fly
Aa-aah, aa-aah
And I go, I fly far, never stopping
I make my rest stops from flowers and the loves I've had
My body is always in transit, it makes me open my eyes to the world
I'm on my way and I'll keep going, I'm where I've always wanted to be
If there's a sweet perfume in the air, I'll always give 100%
Green blooms in my mind, always, just to add on
I remember being afraid of the dark
and I created life, transgression
Let me fly, let me fly
Let me fly, let me fly
Let me fly, let me fly
Let me fly, let me fly
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