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Linkin ParkOne More LightEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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Poets of the FallThe Lie EternalEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMPlease Don’t Let It GoEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Poets of the FallShallowEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Poets of the FallDazeEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Poets of the FallCarnival of RustEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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Poets of the FallLiftEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMResurrectionEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMThe Funeral Of HeartsEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMWings of A ButterflyEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMI've Crossed Oceans of Wine To Find YouEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMRight Here In My ArmsEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Live Aid ULS2017LohtuFinnish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMOur Diabolikal RaptureEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMPoison GirlEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMYour Sweet Six Six SixEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMLove's RequiemEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMNo LoveEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMLike St.ValentineEnglish → Russiannadelline
HIMLike St.ValentineEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Ville ValoKun minä kotoani läksinFinnish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMLove In Cold BloodEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMW.L.S.T.D.English → Bulgariannadelline
HIMWhen Love and Death EmbraceEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMKilling LonelinessEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMKatherine WheelEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Rauli Badding SomerjokiJykevää on rakkausFinnish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMIt's All Tears (Drown In This Love)English → Bulgariannadelline
HIMIn Venere VeritasEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMI Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)English → Bulgariannadelline
HIMIn The Arms Of RainEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMHeartkillerEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMDisarm Me (With Your Loneliness)English → Bulgariannadelline
HIMAcoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)English → Bulgariannadelline
HIMI Will Be The End Of YouEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMEndless DarkEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMBuried Alive By LoveEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Chris IsaakWicked GameEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMTears On TapeEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMInto The NightEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMHearts At WarEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMJoin Me in DeathEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMHeartache Every MomentEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMDeath Is In Love With UsEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMGone with the SinEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMDying SongEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMDrunk On ShadowsEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMDark LightEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMCyanide SunEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMClose To The FlameEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMCircle of FearEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMBury Me Deep Inside Your HeartEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMBehind the Crimson DoorEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMBleed WellEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMBeyond RedemptionEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMFor YouEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
HIMPlay DeadEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMBeautifulEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMAnd Love Said NoEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMAgainEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMAll Lips Go BlueEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMLove Without TearsEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
Rauli Badding SomerjokiIkkunaprinsessaFinnish → Bulgariannadelline
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HIMVenus DoomEnglish → Bulgariannadelline
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