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NielsonSexy Als Ik DansDutch → Frenchnielzke23
Ramses ShaffyZing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonderDutch → Frenchnielzke23
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BLØFZoutelandeDutch → Frenchnielzke23
AbelOnderwegDutch → Frenchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsMowgli's RoadEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
The Little Mermaid (OST)Dat is mijn wens [Part of Your World]Dutch → Frenchnielzke23
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Dutch Children SongsZwarte Piet ging uit fietsenDutch → Englishnielzke23
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Marina and The DiamondsBlueEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsForgetEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
LouaneOn était beauFrench → Dutchnielzke23
BLØFAlles Is LiefdeDutch → Frenchnielzke23
Teske de SchepperOesters en ChampagneDutch → Frenchnielzke23
NielsonDiamantDutch → Frenchnielzke23
Moulin Rouge! (OST)El Tango de RoxanneEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Moulin Rouge! (OST)Come What May (Movie Version)English → Dutchnielzke23
Claudia De BreijMag ik dan bij jouDutch → Frenchnielzke23
Snow PatrolChasing CarsEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Teske de SchepperOpnieuwDutch → Frenchnielzke23
K3Oya léléDutch → Frenchnielzke23
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Marina and The DiamondsSolitaireEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
LauvI Like Me BetterEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsHollywoodEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsMowgli's RoadEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsLonely Hearts ClubEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsSex YeahEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsHomewreckerEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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Marina and The DiamondsI'm A RuinEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Niall HoranSlow HandsEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsBubblegum BitchEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsI Am Not A RobotEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsThe State of DreamingEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsLiesEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsPrimadonnaEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Demi LovatoCool For The SummerEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Julia MichaelsIssuesEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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Tarzan (OST)Twee Werelden (Finale) [Two Worlds (Finale)]Dutch → Englishnielzke23
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RuPaulRead U Wrote UEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
French Children SongsFrère JacquesFrench → Dutchnielzke23
French Children SongsAu clair de la luneFrench → Dutchnielzke23
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French Children SongsAh ! vous dirais-je, mamanFrench → Dutchnielzke23
RuPaulIf I DreamEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
Martin GarrixScared to Be LonelyEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Marina and The DiamondsHow to Be a HeartbreakerEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Sara'hAime-moi comme tu es (Love Me Like You Do)French → Dutchnielzke23
Kenny BParijsDutch → Frenchnielzke23
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The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like ThisEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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Wicked (musical)Dit ene momentDutch → Frenchnielzke23
BroederliefdeJungleDutch → Frenchnielzke23
BroederliefdeJungleDutch → Englishnielzke23
The WeekndI Feel It ComingEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Hairspray (OST)Without LoveEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
Hairspray (OST)Without LoveEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Rag'n'Bone ManHumanEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Stefan BalkanSaint-ValentinFrench → Dutchnielzke23
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The ChainsmokersParisEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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Little MixShout Out To My ExEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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TalLe sens de la vieFrench → Dutchnielzke23
Lazy Town (OST)We Are Number OneEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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James ArthurSay You Won’t Let GoEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Wham!Last ChristmasEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Teske de SchepperRewrittenEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
GalantisLove On MeEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
GalantisLove On MeEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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The ChainsmokersAll We KnowEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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Clean BanditRather BeEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
ZeddStay the NightEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
The Lion King (OST)L'histoire de la vie [Circle of Life]French → Dutchnielzke23
Astrid LindgrenHet lied van Pippi LangkousDutch → Englishnielzke23
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Wicked (musical)Dit ene momentDutch → Englishnielzke23
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Taylor SwiftShake It OffEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Claude FrançoisComme d'habitudeFrench → Dutchnielzke23
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Lady GagaAlejandroEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Charlie PuthWe Don't Talk AnymoreEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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High School Musical 3: Senior Year (OST)Can I Have This Dance?English → Dutchnielzke23
High School Musical 3: Senior Year (OST)I Want It AllEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Whitney HoustonI Will Always Love YouEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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Hannah Montana: The Movie (OST)Butterfly Fly AwayEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
High School Musical (OST)When There Was Me and YouEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
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High School Musical (OST)When There Was Me and YouEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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High School Musical (OST)We're All In This TogetherEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
High School Musical (OST)Bop to the TopEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Rachel PlattenFight SongEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
Måns ZelmerlöwJe ne suis pas qu'un homme [Should've gone home]French → Transliterationnielzke23
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Måns ZelmerlöwJe ne suis pas qu'un homme [Should've gone home]French → Dutchnielzke23
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Rachel PlattenFight SongEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
SiaThe GreatestEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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The ChainsmokersCloserEnglish → Frenchnielzke23
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The ChainsmokersCloserEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
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High School Musical (OST)Breaking FreeEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Cinderella (OST)C'est ça l'amour [So This Is Love]French → Dutchnielzke23
José FelicianoFeliz NavidadSpanish → Dutchnielzke23
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Gers PardoelIk Neem Je MeeDutch → Frenchnielzke23
Jeroen van der BoomJij bent zoDutch → Frenchnielzke23
Fun.We Are YoungEnglish → Dutchnielzke23
Joe DassinLes Champs-ÉlyséesFrench → Dutchnielzke23
Joe DassinLes Champs-ÉlyséesFrench → Dutchnielzke23
TalJe prends le largeFrench → Dutchnielzke23
The Little Mermaid (OST)Parmi ces gens [Part of Your World] (Canadian French)French → Dutchnielzke23
Hercules (OST)Le monde qui est le mien (Reprise) [Go The Distance (Reprise)] (European French)French → Dutchnielzke23
Hercules (OST)Le monde qui est le mien [Go The Distance] (European French)French → Dutchnielzke23