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Harry StylesMeet me in the HallwayEnglish → Frencheowolith
Harry StylesCarolinaEnglish → Frencheowolith
PassengerCirclesEnglish → FrenchOde
Darlene ZschechAt the CrossEnglish → FrenchAgathe De Leeuw
PassengerCatch in the darkEnglish → FrenchOde
Hannah BoultonTallulahEnglish → FrenchHey MadN
Ghost B.CGhuleh / Zombie QueenEnglish → FrenchHey MadN
MidlakeYoung BrideEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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Heathers (Musical)I Am DamagedEnglish → Frenchsoapihe
Heathers (Musical)Candy StoreEnglish → Frenchsoapihe
Tom OdellIf you wanna love somebodyEnglish → FrenchHey MadN
PassengerSomedayEnglish → FrenchOde
5 Seconds of SummerIf Walls Could TalkEnglish → FrenchOcéane1504
5 Seconds of SummerGhost Of YouEnglish → FrenchOcéane1504
5 Seconds of SummerLie to meEnglish → FrenchOcéane1504
MidlakeKingfish PiesEnglish → Frenchjoantol
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Mike ShinodaMake It Up As I GoEnglish → FrenchDoudou
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Mike ShinodaHold It TogetherEnglish → FrenchDoudou
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RihannaQuestion ExistingEnglish → Frenchanna gül
RihannaNo Love AllowedEnglish → Frenchanna gül
RihannaLove SongEnglish → Frenchanna gül
RihannaTalk that TalkEnglish → Frenchanna gül
Florence + The MachineBig GodEnglish → FrenchMaylons
Katy PerryDance With the DevilEnglish → Frenchdc-2407
Demi LovatoSoberEnglish → FrenchJustMeAnge
Hayley KiyokoMercy/GatekeeperEnglish → Frencheowolith
Hayley KiyokoHe'll Never Love You (HNLY)English → Frencheowolith
The TheThis is the dayEnglish → FrenchGavin
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The AnimalsDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodEnglish → FrenchRene Fabri
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The DøSlippery SlopeEnglish → FrenchHey MadN
Travis CottrellJust as I am-I come brokenEnglish → FrenchRene Fabri
Lady GagaRock ShowEnglish → FrenchRene Fabri
AnoukR U Kiddin' MeEnglish → FrenchRene Fabri
William Carlos WilliamsThis Is Just to SayEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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William Carlos WilliamsProletarian PortraitEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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Panic! at the DiscoOne Of The DrunksEnglish → FrenchRacmat
Day6Congratulations (English ver.)English → Frencheowolith
Claire GuerrersoAshesEnglish → FrenchSena wakabashi
Dream TheaterA fortune in liesEnglish → Frenchfab_74
Dream TheaterThe killing HandEnglish → Frenchfab_74
MattyBRapsBack In TimeEnglish → FrenchGhost_Human
The TheArmageddon days are here againEnglish → FrenchGavin
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Akira KosemuraSouth WindEnglish → Frencheowolith
Kina GrannisLonesomeEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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MattyBRapsCrush On YouEnglish → FrenchGhost_Human
MattyBRapsRight Now I'm Missing YouEnglish → FrenchGhost_Human
ABBASuper TrouperEnglish → Frenchneenna
Loreena McKennittLost soulsEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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AchampnatorFull MoonEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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LòdzTime doesn't heal anythingEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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The ChameleonsSwamp ThingEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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The Greatest Showman (OST)Rewrite the StarsEnglish → Frenchvinka440
HYOSoberEnglish → Frencheowolith
Little MixPowerEnglish → FrenchCandanais
AlyoshaSweet PeopleEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
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The DøA Mess Like ThisEnglish → FrenchHey MadN
Mike ShinodaWorld's on FireEnglish → FrenchDoudou
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Mike ShinodaPromises I Can't KeepEnglish → FrenchDoudou
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The DøGonna Be Sick!English → FrenchHey MadN
Jake BuggSimple As ThisEnglish → FrenchOde
Hamilton (musical)Alexander HamiltonEnglish → FrenchSuzy Va
Kimberley Michelle BarrFaith in HumanityEnglish → FrenchKimmy23
Ulrik MuntherBoys don't cryEnglish → FrenchSongsEF
Christina AguileraFall In LineEnglish → Frenchpetit élève
Levi KreisI Should GoEnglish → FrenchSongsEF
MiliExtension of YouEnglish → FrenchTrad' en vrac- pilou
MiliVitaminsEnglish → FrenchTrad' en vrac- pilou
MiliMirror MirrorEnglish → FrenchTrad' en vrac- pilou
MiliBathtub MermaidEnglish → FrenchTrad' en vrac- pilou
The DøAnita No!English → FrenchHey MadN
HaiduciiBoom BoomEnglish → FrenchMetodius
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Maroon 5Girls Like YouEnglish → FrenchHmseek
Smash MouthI'm a BelieverEnglish → FrenchHmseek
Elvis PresleySuspicionEnglish → FrenchDanielZ
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Mike ShinodaCan't Hear You NowEnglish → FrenchDoudou
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Mike ShinodaRunning From My ShadowEnglish → FrenchDoudou
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Mike ShinodaGhostsEnglish → FrenchDoudou
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Corinna MayI Can't Live Without MusicEnglish → Frenchmk87
KarminaWitchEnglish → FrenchDearStupid
Maria MenaMoneyEnglish → FrenchDearStupid
Young TribeKingdomEnglish → FrenchDearStupid
Stella And The StormNothing PersonalEnglish → FrenchDearStupid
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CamelMystic QueenEnglish → FrenchAcheron
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EminemMedicine BallEnglish → Frenchloudmi
Charles AznavourThe Happy DaysEnglish → Frenchalain.chevalier
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ThurisazEndlessEnglish → Frenchmichealt
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Lewis CapaldiLost on YouEnglish → Frenchmichealt
GTARed LipsEnglish → FrenchDearStupid
Charles AznavourAfter Loving YouEnglish → Frenchalain.chevalier
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Twin PeaksHolding RosesEnglish → FrenchMardyBum _a
NEFFEXFight BackEnglish → FrenchLyon
ABBASo LongEnglish → Frenchneenna
KovacsThe Devil You KnowEnglish → FrenchElw-Youzhny
Triana ParkIf You WantEnglish → FrenchElw-Youzhny
Triana ParkDrunkEnglish → FrenchElw-Youzhny
Hollywood Porn StarsActarusEnglish → FrenchElw-Youzhny
The DøSong for LoversEnglish → FrenchHey MadN
Christian Hymns & SongsLEAD ME TO CALVARYEnglish → FrenchFolie de Chansons
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Pianos Become The TeethRepineEnglish → FrenchRene Fabri
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Taylor SwiftCold As YouEnglish → FrenchLiegfra