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Diana RossMy Old PianoEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
Bee GeesHe's a LiarEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
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Todd Hunter BandI Don't Want to Go HomeEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
Robert Downey Jr.Man Like MeEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
Avril LavigneHead Above WaterEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
Elvis CostelloSweet dreamsEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
Julio Iglesias99 Miles From L.A.English → PortugueseDanielZ
thanked 1 time
Jessie JOh Lord (Interlude)English → PortugueseAmanda de Oliveira
Alec BenjaminLove is a Fragile DanceEnglish → Portugueseusernameunknow
David RomanoIf Tomorrow Starts Without MeEnglish → PortugueseAmanda de Oliveira
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Nicki MinajBarbie DreamsEnglish → PortugueseGabrielle Rocha
OfdrykkjaGenerations of HurtEnglish → PortugueseThalyson Teixeira
Kenny RogersWrite Your Name (Across My Heart)English → PortugueseDanielZ
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Lana Del ReyVenice BitchEnglish → PortugueseWilliamV.
Scott KrippayneWhat breaks your heartEnglish → PortugueseDr Rob
John LennonStand By MeEnglish → Portuguesevaldimar
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The Holydrug CoupleIf I Could Find You (Eternity)English → PortugueseRafael Sousa
Carrie UnderwoodLook At MeEnglish → PortugueseMetric24880
Blake SheltonLonely tonightEnglish → PortugueseMetric24880
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Elevation WorshipDo it againEnglish → PortugueseDr Rob
Carly SimonNight OwlEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
Carly SimonShare The EndEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
Carly SimonOur AffairEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
thanked 2 times
Noel HarrisonThe Windmills of Your MindEnglish → PortugueseNadejda Silva
Pearl JamRearviewmirrorEnglish → Portuguesebiel.isolet
Pink FloydGet Your Filthy Hands Off My DesertEnglish → Portuguesedomuro
Elvis PresleyAnd the Grass Won't Pay No MindEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
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Mormon Hymns121 - I’m a pilgrim, I’m a strangerEnglish → Portuguesepiter.machado.12
Elvis PresleyLove LettersEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
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Mormon Hymns275 - Men are that they might have joyEnglish → PortugueseSaintMark
Mormon Hymns030 - Come, come, ye SaintsEnglish → PortugueseSaintMark
Mormon Hymns002 - The Spirit Of GodEnglish → PortugueseSaintMark
Paul McCartneyAlligatorEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
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ShakiraTimorEnglish → PortugueseMetric24880
thanked 1 time
ForeignerI Want to Know What Love IsEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
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Paul McCartneyDominoesEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
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Buffalo SpringfieldFor What It's WorthEnglish → Portuguesebiel.isolet
Dire StraitsSo Far AwayEnglish → Portuguesebiel.isolet
RushNeuroticaEnglish → Portuguesebiel.isolet
RushCut to the ChaseEnglish → Portuguesebiel.isolet
Dart Rayne & Yura MoonlightStole the SunEnglish → Portuguesepatyrlopes
HalestormBreak InEnglish → PortugueseGustavo666
HalestormMz. HydeEnglish → PortugueseGustavo666
HalestormI miss the miseryEnglish → PortugueseGustavo666
Lana Del ReyMariners Apartment ComplexEnglish → PortugueseWilliamV.
thanked 2 times
Amy WinehouseI should careEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
Robert FrostThe Last Word of a Blue BirdEnglish → PortugueseNadejda Silva
thanked 3 times
Betty WhoThe Other SideEnglish → Portuguesepatyrlopes
thanked 1 time
CherWith Or Without YouEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
Jorge Ben JorBrotherEnglish → PortugueseAlma Barroca
Paul McCartneyAppreciateEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
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Paul McCartneyBack in BrazilEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
thanked 3 times
BehemothWolves Ov SiberiaEnglish → PortugueseGustavo666
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Jordan SmithOnly LoveEnglish → Portuguesegksuperisi
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Clean BanditSoloEnglish → PortugueseBea Marinho
Cintia DisseThe Cup Song (Cover)English → PortugueseIvisson Félix
Cintia DisseStay With Me (Cover)English → PortugueseIvisson Félix
Imagine DragonsShotsEnglish → Portugueseexcalibur 1
Caetano VelosoIn the Hot Sun of a Christmas DayEnglish → Portuguesedomuro
AureaDone with youEnglish → Portuguesespnuze
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Ina WroldsenFavelaEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
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Mary J. BligeRosesEnglish → Portugueseulissescoroa
The BeatlesBirthdayEnglish → Portugueselucas.morabito
The BeatlesNorwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)English → Portugueselucas.morabito
PinkfongBaby SharkEnglish → Portuguesepatyrlopes
3 Doors DownLoserEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
Frank SinatraMy Blue HeavenEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
thanked 2 times
Cleo (Brazil)TrappedEnglish → PortugueseVictChell
Borat (OST)You Be My WifeEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
Tina TurnerGoldeneyeEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
equirhythmic, singable
NirvanaBeen A SonEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
Greta Van FleetBlack Smoke RisingEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
Fall Out BoyCenturiesEnglish → PortugueseTranslatore
Cat StevensMoonshadowEnglish → Portuguesedomuro
thanked 1 time
PoppyMoneyEnglish → PortugueseDanielZ
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The War on DrugsPainEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
Tommy James and the ShondellsCrystal Blue PersuasionEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
Jupiter OneWrong LineEnglish → PortugueseGabriHylian
World of Warcraft (OST)Wrath of the Lich KingEnglish → PortugueseThalyson Teixeira
World of Warcraft (OST)Wrath of the Lich KingEnglish → PortugueseThalyson Teixeira
HalestormLove Bites (So Do I)English → PortugueseGustavo666
World of Warcraft (OST)Jaina's NightmareEnglish → PortugueseThalyson Teixeira
Ji NilssonHeartbreakfreeEnglish → Portugueselucas.morabito
Heathers (Musical)Candy StoreEnglish → PortugueseMaite Furtado
LagwagonTrainEnglish → Portuguesepatyrlopes
thanked 4 times
Brad PaisleyShe's everythingEnglish → PortugueseDr Rob
BjörkAll Is Full of LoveEnglish → Portugueseallixxxxxx
CenturyEngland in the sunEnglish → Portuguesesilvacarloss
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Céline DionMiracleEnglish → Portuguesealain.chevalier
Unlike PlutoRun, Bobby, RunEnglish → Portuguesesilvacarloss
AmorphisWrong DirectionEnglish → PortugueseGustavo666
Casting CrownsJust Be HeldEnglish → PortugueseDr Rob
BazziMineEnglish → PortugueseJoana Ferreira
Astrud GilbertoFly Me To The MoonEnglish → Portuguesedomuro
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Billie Eilishmy boyEnglish → PortugueseFernanda Meirelles
Billie Eilishparty favorEnglish → PortugueseFernanda Meirelles
Barns CourtneyGolden DandelionsEnglish → PortugueseFernanda Meirelles
Billie EilishLovelyEnglish → PortugueseFernanda Meirelles
Billie EilishidontwannabeyouanymoreEnglish → PortugueseFernanda Meirelles
Billie EilishBellyacheEnglish → PortugueseFernanda Meirelles