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Kimberley Michelle BarrBlisters on my feet (hook)English → VietnameseKimmy23
grandsonDespicableEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Glass AnimalsThe Other Side Of ParadiseEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Betty WhoAll Things (from "Queer Eye")English → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
LAYTOLittle Poor MeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkTalking to MyselfEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Rise AgainstHero Of WarEnglish → VietnameseNắng
RuelleRevolutionEnglish → VietnameseL.Hikari
Alfie ArcuriIf They Only KnewEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
Linkin ParkIn the EndEnglish → VietnamesePhạm Đình Ngọc Duy
EvanescenceBring Me to LifeEnglish → VietnamesePhạm Đình Ngọc Duy
Neon TreesSongs I Can't Listen ToEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
DiploRevolutionEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Frozen (OST)For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)English → VietnameseNắng
OomphSwallowEnglish → VietnameseNắng
GotyeSomebody That I Used to KnowEnglish → VietnamesePham Hoang
Katy PerryRiseEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Cage the ElephantCold Cold ColdEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Cage the ElephantBack Against The WallEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Stella And The StormNothing PersonalEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Amber LiuLifelineEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
LSDGeniusEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Christina AguileraTwiceEnglish → VietnamesePham Hoang
Poo BearHard 2 Face RealityEnglish → VietnameseL.Hikari
Britney SpearsShattered GlassEnglish → VietnamesePham Hoang
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Céline DionAshesEnglish → VietnamesePham Hoang
Jackson KreciochLittle ThingsEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
ColdplayViva la vidaEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkNobody Can Save MeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Tom JonesDelilah!English → VietnameseNắng
Lana Del ReyHigh By The BeachEnglish → VietnameseNắng
SIAMÉSThe wolfEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Cage the ElephantTroubleEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkGood GoodbyeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkBreaking the HabitEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Cage the ElephantToo Late to Say GoodbyeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
GotyeHeart's a MessEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Taylor SwiftLook What You Made Me DoEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Demi LovatoHeart AttackEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Sixx:A.M.This Is Gonna HurtEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Alice CooperPoisonEnglish → VietnameseNắng
WhethanBe Like YouEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Three Days GraceOver and OverEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkCastle of GlassEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkHeavyEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Amy SharkI Said HiEnglish → VietnameseNắng
FeintSnake EyesEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Coheed and CambriaIslandEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
Andrew BelleIn My VeinsEnglish → VietnameseNắng
AdeleMake You Feel My LoveEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Dan SchutteHere I am LordEnglish → Vietnamesengvanan
WilderNakedEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
SAKIMADaddyEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
David GuettaThis One's for You (Official Song UEFA EURO 2016™)English → VietnameseThe Doraemons
Leona LewisBleeding LoveEnglish → VietnamesePham Hoang
Iggy AzaleaSaviorEnglish → VietnamesePham Hoang
Julia MichaelsHeavenEnglish → VietnamesePham Hoang
Calum ScottDancing On My OwnEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
Ryan O'ShaughnessyTogetherEnglish → VietnameseΩΔΦΓИ ЄГО
Camila CabelloHavanaEnglish → VietnameseThe Doraemons
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The Wolfe TonesMichael CollinsEnglish → VietnameseThe Doraemons
JourneyDon't Stop Believin'English → VietnameseNắng
Chris CornellYou Know My NameEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Imagine DragonsNothing Left to SayEnglish → VietnameseNắng
The Ultimate BearhugAll Hallow's EveEnglish → VietnameseNắng
League of Legends (OST)As We FallEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Nine Inch NailsEvery Day Is Exactly The SameEnglish → VietnameseNắng
QueenBohemian RhapsodyEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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QueenI Want to Break FreeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
QueenThe Show Must Go OnEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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QueenWe are the ChampionsEnglish → VietnameseNắng
QueenWe Will Rock YouEnglish → VietnameseNắng
The Jungle Book (OST)Trust In MeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
MuseThought ContagionEnglish → VietnameseNắng
MuseFuryEnglish → VietnameseNắng
The OffspringYou're Gonna Go Far KidEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Tom OdellCan't PretendEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkCrawlingEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkOne More LightEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkI'll Be GoneEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Linkin ParkAcross the Line English → VietnameseNắng
Valerie BroussardTroubleEnglish → VietnameseNắng
KovacsMy LoveEnglish → VietnameseNắng
KovacsThe Devil You KnowEnglish → VietnameseNắng
Backstreet BoysShow Me The Meaning of Being LonelyEnglish → VietnameseThe Doraemons
Judy GarlandOver the RainbowEnglish → VietnameseNắng
KornPrey For MeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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KavinskyNightcallEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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The DoorsYou're Lost Little GirlEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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LordeEverybody Wants to Rule the WorldEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Unlike PlutoWaiting for YouEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Unlike PlutoWorst In MeEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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SickickMind GamesEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Alan WalkerAll Falls DownEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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SiaChandelierEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Lana Del ReyRadioEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Lana Del ReyGods and MonstersEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Lana Del ReyFine ChinaEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Lana Del ReyUltraviolenceEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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Death Cab For CutieBlack SunEnglish → VietnameseNắng
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