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I like singing
playing Videogames
talking with new people
and translating lyrics

About me

I live in Germany since i'm born in 1997 but i was raised with German and Czech cause the family of my father is Czech and the family from my mother is German.
English i learned in school and after i was out of School i continued my English learning with Facebook so i could increase my English knowledge.
Over this years i watched more and more series also in English 'specially the series that are original in English.
In 2016 i stumbled first over this page and thought that it would be not bad to be an translator so i signed in but
i really started to translate first time in 2017.

Czech, German
Czech, English

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AchampnatorKouření? Ne, díky! (Parole proti kuřáku) German → CzechGerman → Czech
AchampnatorLíbit ne násilí! English → CzechEnglish → Czech
AchampnatorBitte keine Gewalt English → GermanEnglish → German
AchampnatorPlease No Violence! Czech → EnglishCzech → English
AchampnatorBitte keine Gewalt Czech → GermanCzech → German
AchampnatorDeswegen hasse ich das English → GermanEnglish → German
AchampnatorThats Why I Hate It For German → EnglishGerman → English
AchampnatorLíbit ne násilí! German → Czech4
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German → Czech
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AchampnatorPlease No Violence! German → English
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German → English
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AchampnatorHrůzní klauni se dějí German → CzechGerman → Czech
SmokieLehne dich zurück in die Arme von jemanden English → German1English → German
LeAnn RimesEinige sagen Liebe / Die Rose English → GermanEnglish → German
AchampnatorMlha opar z nuda German → CzechGerman → Czech
Cartoon SongsBen 10 Intro (Englisch) English → German9English → German
Cartoon SongsBen 10 Intro (German) German → EnglishGerman → English
Cartoon SongsTypical Andy! German → EnglishGerman → English
Cartoon SongsAttack No.1 Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Klaus Lage1000 and 1 Night (Zoom!) German → EnglishGerman → English
Steve BurnsMächtiger kleiner Mann English → GermanEnglish → German
AchampnatorJako já to dělám od já sám English → CzechEnglish → Czech
AchampnatorWie ich es von mir selber tu English → GermanEnglish → German
Steve BurnsTroposfera English → Spanish
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English → Spanish
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Marlene DietrichDon't ask why I go German → English1
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German → English
thanked 3 times
Jennifer LopezJenny aus dem Block English → German2English → German
Das wGoodBye - From Today I'm A Digimon Master German → EnglishGerman → English
Lily AllenVzduchovém balónu English → CzechEnglish → Czech
Vienna TengUkolébavka pro bouřlivou noc English → CzechEnglish → Czech
Vienna TengSchlaflied für eine stürmische Nacht English → GermanEnglish → German
Digimon (OST)Butter-Fly [Theme Song] Spanish → GermanSpanish → German
Aoi EirINNOCENCE Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
LiSACrossing Field Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
LiSAFachübergreifend Japanese → GermanJapanese → German
AchampnatorMysl zasraný English → CzechEnglish → Czech
AchampnatorGedankenfick English → German
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English → German
thanked 1 time
Sword Art Online (OST)Fachübergreifend Japanese → GermanJapanese → German
The Band PerryJestli zemřu mladý English → CzechEnglish → Czech
Ch!pzRythmus der Welt English → GermanEnglish → German
Michael W. SmithDýchat English → CzechEnglish → Czech
Wincent WeissDon't wake me up German → English
thanked 2 times
German → English
thanked 2 times
Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)Побег из города English → RussianEnglish → Russian
Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)Совсем не важно (Sonic Adventure Версия 2) English → RussianEnglish → Russian
Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)Верить в себя SA2 English → RussianEnglish → Russian
Lazy Town (OST)Wir sind die Nummer Eins English → GermanEnglish → German
Backstreet BoysHör auf mit meinem Herz Spiele zu spielen English → German1English → German
Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)Дружеский удар кулаками English → RussianEnglish → Russian
Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)Достать до звезд English → RussianEnglish → Russian
Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)Knöchelstoß English → GermanEnglish → German
Sword Art Online (OST)Overfly Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Overfly Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)INNOCENCE Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)INNOCENCE Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)Dream World Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Yume Sekai Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)crossing field Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)crossing field Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)Party-go-round Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)white flower garden Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)Sing All Overtures Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Sing All Overtures Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)Sword & Soul Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Sword & Soul Japanese → Transliteration
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Japanese → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Sword Art Online (OST)Sky The Graffiti Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Sky The Graffiti Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)Face To You Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Face To You Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)I Know "Ai" Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)I Know "Ai" Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)☆Lovely Super Idol☆ Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)☆Lovely Super Idol☆ Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)Memory Heart Message Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)Memory Heart Message Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Sword Art Online (OST)My Independent Destiny Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Sword Art Online (OST)My Independent Destiny Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Digimon (OST)Butter-Fly [Opening Theme] (Russische Version) Russian → GermanRussian → German
Ingrid RojemLike you turned on a light German → EnglishGerman → English
Ingrid RojemAll that you are for me! German → EnglishGerman → English
Pietro LombardiWas ist mit uns English → German
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English → German
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Sarah LombardiNur für Dich English → GermanEnglish → German
Isaac GracieDevaneio English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Isaac GracieFantasticheria English → ItalianEnglish → Italian
Isaac GracieEnsueño English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Brooke BenthamSólo English → CzechEnglish → Czech
Brooke BenthamSolo English → GermanEnglish → German
Brooke BenthamOliver English → GermanEnglish → German
Brooke BenthamPesado e Efêmero English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Brooke BenthamEu preciso do seu corpo English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Brooke BenthamNecesito tu cuerpo English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Digimon (OST)Digimon Frontier -When the Fire is burning in you- German → EnglishGerman → English
PellekBrave Heart (Englische Version) English → German1
thanked 1 time
English → German
thanked 1 time
KrümelSeberte si oblečení musíme mluvit German → CzechGerman → Czech
Unknown Artist (English)Sonic X Theme Song (Ich muss schneller werden) English → German1English → German
Cartoon SongsSonic Drive (Sonic X Theme Song) (Japanisch) Japanese → GermanJapanese → German
Cartoon SongsSonic Drive (Sonic X Theme Song) (Japanese) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Cartoon SongsSonic Drive (Sonic X Theme Song) (Japanese) Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Digimon (OST)Digimon Gold -We turn up- German → EnglishGerman → English
One Piece (OST)One Piece Opening 8 -On the way- German → EnglishGerman → English
One Piece (OST)One Piece Opening 7 -Jungle P- German → EnglishGerman → English
One Piece (OST)One Piece Opening 6 -Rainbowstar- German → EnglishGerman → English