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I am just an ordinary guy from Hungary. I'm 18 as of writing this. I translate songs to help others and kill time while doing so. If you see any mistake in any of my translations, or would just simply like to talk, feel free to send me a PM, I'll look at it when I have the time.

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ArtistTranslationLanguagesCommentsInfoInfosort descending
ZoránThere must be a country up therevideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
KárpátiaDo you think of me sometimes?video Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
NOXEmbrace me a hundred more times!video Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
Linkin ParkZárj Ki Minden Mástvideo English → Hungarian
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English → Hungarian
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Linkin ParkFelégetnivideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Green DayÉbressz Fel Szeptember Végénvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Green Day21 Pisztolyvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Imagine DragonsDémonokvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
My Darkest DaysNélküled English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Simple PlanSzar Vagy a Szerelembenvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Alan WalkerMinden Szétesikvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Green DayMegszabadulás (Életed ideje)video English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Green DayÖsszetört Álmok Sugárútjánvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Green DayAmerikai Idiótavideo English → Hungarian
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English → Hungarian
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The Dark ElementValaki Akit Valaha Ismertélvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Anette OlzonSebezhetetlenvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Anette OlzonEgymillió Arcvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
The Dark ElementÉn Édes Rejtélyemvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
The Dark ElementHalott Számomravideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
ScorpionsFehér Galambvideo English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian
Tangled (OST)I finally see the lightvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST)Don't come to usvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
Katona KláriLet it be a Holidayvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
UnitedFinal confessionvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
HONEYBEASTHappinessvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
Edda MűvekLast touchvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
Follow The FlowMy Mother Saidvideo Hungarian → English
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Hungarian → English
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The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST)The heart will find a wayvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
ÁkosWe were like thisvideo Hungarian → English
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Hungarian → English
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HooligansPretending Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
Kowalsky meg a VegaFor what I was Hungarian → English
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Hungarian → English
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Cserháti ZsuzsaA forgotten songvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
Cserháti ZsuzsaLet's pick roses together, dearvideo Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English