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David RovicsAn Euren Küsten English → GermanEnglish → German
Leonard CohenHallelujah English → YiddishEnglish → Yiddish
Revolte SpringenI'm a Better Anarchist Than You! German → English
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German → English
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David RovicsKonsequenter English → GermanEnglish → German
Maryam EbrahimpourNightingale With a Broken Wing Kurdish (Sorani) → EnglishKurdish (Sorani) → English
Rojbîn KızılGel Gönlümü Mutlu Eyle Kurdish (Kurmanji) → TurkishKurdish (Kurmanji) → Turkish
Serap SönmezGel Güzelim Kurdish (Kurmanji) → TurkishKurdish (Kurmanji) → Turkish
Mirady û RaperînTarumar Kurdish (Kurmanji) → TurkishKurdish (Kurmanji) → Turkish
Mirady û RaperînArmağan Kurdish (Kurmanji) → TurkishKurdish (Kurmanji) → Turkish
Mem AraratZana and Andok Kurdish (Kurmanji) → EnglishKurdish (Kurmanji) → English
Ibrahim AhmadWe Have Always Been Kurds, And We Always Will Be! Kurdish (Sorani) → English
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Kurdish (Sorani) → English
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Målfrid Marie HæglandTeach Me To Know Your Ways Norwegian → English
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Norwegian → English
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Emanuel BocaThe Road to Glory Romanian → EnglishRomanian → English
Michael JacksonBêjim em ne xema wan in English → Kurdish (Kurmanji)English → Kurdish (Kurmanji)
Knut KiesewetterAutumn on Our Friesen Farm German (Low German) → EnglishGerman (Low German) → English
Bubbi MorthensGreetings (Sun in the Morning) Icelandic → EnglishIcelandic → English
The Prince of Egypt (OST)What I Always Wanted German → English
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German → English
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BLØFOn-Off Dutch → English10
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Dutch → English
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Lars KlevstrandWe shall not sleep away the summer night Norwegian → English
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Norwegian → English
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IslandicaThe May Star Icelandic → English
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Icelandic → English
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Victor JaraFolkets Vind (as sung and recorded by Cornelis Vreeswijk) Spanish → SwedishSpanish → Swedish
Victor JaraWinds of the People Spanish → EnglishSpanish → English
Victor JaraStürme des Volkes Spanish → GermanSpanish → German
Victor JaraVento del Popolo Spanish → ItalianSpanish → Italian
Victor JaraЛюди Ветра Spanish → RussianSpanish → Russian
Victor JaraMensenwind (as sung and recorded by Cornelis Vreeswijk) Spanish → DutchSpanish → Dutch
IslandicaÁ Sprengisandi (Ríðum, ríðum) - Russian translation Icelandic → RussianIcelandic → Russian
IslandicaMaístjarnan, Russian translation Icelandic → RussianIcelandic → Russian
MedinaLove me Danish → English
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Danish → English
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LaFeeThe Whole World German → English
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German → English
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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST)Вы не можете меня покорить English → RussianEnglish → Russian
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST)Because I'm Free! Icelandic → EnglishIcelandic → English
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (OST)Því Ég Er Frjáls English → IcelandicEnglish → Icelandic
Dami ImIch kämpfe um Liebe English → GermanEnglish → German
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (OST)Miraculous Ladybug Norwegian Opening Norwegian → English2Norwegian → English
Bok Van BlerkIt's Time To Go! Afrikaans → EnglishAfrikaans → English
Bok Van BlerkThe Chop-Line (or: The Cutline) Afrikaans → EnglishAfrikaans → English
Bok Van BlerkMy Cry Afrikaans → EnglishAfrikaans → English
Bok Van BlerkAfrikaner Heart Afrikaans → English
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Afrikaans → English
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NordmanLone Wolf Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
JannatWho Is Alive? Arabic → English1Arabic → English
DAMWho Is The Terrorist? Arabic → EnglishArabic → English
Gëzim NikaOh How Good It Is That I'm An Albanian! Albanian → English
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Albanian → English
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Drop Dead Gorgeous (South Africa)I'm In Love Afrikaans → EnglishAfrikaans → English
IntoxicadosReligion Spanish → EnglishSpanish → English
Jesús Adrián RomeroCount On Me! Spanish → EnglishSpanish → English
Unknown Artist (Hungarian)My Father, In Your Two Hands Hungarian → EnglishHungarian → English
Unknown Artist (Hungarian)Vater, in Deinen zwei Händen Hungarian → GermanHungarian → German