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About me

I'm just a 15-year old Austro-Czech boy, living in Austria. Interested in languages, mostly nordic/germanic and slavic. I like to sing along with songs, most of them in languages I don't speak fluently, so this website is heaven for me.

I thought to myself: Why don't I help others that have the same problems as me and share some of my skills with them? That's what I'm trying to do here.

Favorite song: Du Fortenar Ein Som Meg - Daniel Kvammen

I speak German, English and Czech, but I have never really learned to write czech, so just reading, as I'm not confident when writing.
I am very interested in Nordic countries, especially Norway, which is why I have learned some Norwegian. I understand a lot but I am not experienced in speaking Norwegian myself. Because of Norwegian, I can also understand Swedish.
Croatian is just sort of adapting my czech to the known differences for me, as it is not that far away from Czech.
I think I understand a lot from these languages because of my German and Czech, as there are always some similarities.

German, German (Austrian/Bavarian), Czech
Croatian, Norwegian, Swedish
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ArtistTranslationLanguagesCommentsInfoInfosort ascending
DanheimRunar Icelandic → English
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Icelandic → English
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Pizzera & Jauswer, wenn net du German (Austrian/Bavarian) → GermanGerman (Austrian/Bavarian) → German
Danger DanDas ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt German → CzechGerman → Czech
Miroslav Žbirka22 dní Slovak → GermanSlovak → German
Jupiter JonesStill German → CzechGerman → Czech
Jaromír NohavicaPane Prezidente Czech → GermanCzech → German
Robo GrigorovPocta Majakovskému Slovak → German
thanked 1 time
Slovak → German
thanked 1 time
HMBC (Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub)Vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou German (Swiss-German/Alemannic) → GermanGerman (Swiss-German/Alemannic) → German
EMIR (NO)Blø for deg Norwegian → GermanNorwegian → German
Lucie VondráčkováStrach Czech → German
thanked 1 time
Czech → German
thanked 1 time
Joachim WittGoldener Reiter German → Czech
thanked 1 time
German → Czech
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Daniel KvammenDu Fortenar Ein Som Meg Norwegian → German
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Norwegian → German
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MaximusGalen Swedish → German
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Swedish → German
4 thanks received
Karel GottKam tenkrát šel můj bratr Jan Czech → German2
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Czech → German
2 thanks received
Lucie VondráčkováJulie Czech → EnglishCzech → English
Lucie VondráčkováJulie Czech → German
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Czech → German
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