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I wish that I could share my translations with those who want to know the meaning of the song. If I get better at languages (Japanese, Korean, English), I would love to translate all the songs I want to.

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Hamatora (OST)千の翼 (Sen no tsubasa) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
ORION (Thailand)Escape from the sky English, Thai → ChineseEnglish, Thai → Chinese
ORION (Thailand)Escape from the sky English, Thai → EnglishEnglish, Thai → English
ORION (Thailand)Escape from the sky English, Thai → JapaneseEnglish, Thai → Japanese
Girls' Generation뻔&Fun (Sweet Talking Baby) (ppeon&Fun) Korean → JapaneseKorean → Japanese
Given (OST)うらがわの存在 (Uragawa no sonzai) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Girls' GenerationGirls & Peace English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
Girls' GenerationChain Reaction Japanese, English → EnglishJapanese, English → English
Girls' GenerationBeautiful Stranger Japanese, English → EnglishJapanese, English → English
Tenn KujoDis one. Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Tenn KujoDis one. Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
IDOLISH7 (OST)Secret Night (TV size / IDOLiSH7 ver.) (Secret Night (TV size / IDOLiSH7 ver.)) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
Heine Wittgenstein光を求めて (Hikari wo motomete) Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Stray KidsNovel English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
Kep1ertOgether fOrever (Together fOrever) English, Japanese → ThaiEnglish, Japanese → Thai
Kep1ertOgether fOrever (Together fOrever) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
TAEYEON기억을 걷는 시간 [Time Spent Walking Through Memories] (Gieogeul geoneun sigan) Korean → English
thanked 1 time
Korean → English
thanked 1 time
TWICEMerry & Happy English, Korean → ThaiEnglish, Korean → Thai
TWICEOne More Time English, Japanese → ThaiEnglish, Japanese → Thai
2NE1Don’t stop the music (Non CF version) English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
Girls' Generation말해봐 (Talk Talk) (malhaebwa) English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
TWICESET ME FREE English, Korean → ThaiEnglish, Korean → Thai
PEAKSayaa!พอได้แล้วค่ะซิส Thai → JapaneseThai → Japanese
PEAKSayaa!พอได้แล้วค่ะซิส Thai → EnglishThai → English
TWICESET ME FREE (ENG) English → ThaiEnglish → Thai
TWICEDon’t call me again English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
TWICECRUEL English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
EXIDNight Rather Than Day (JPN Ver.) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Girls' GenerationIndestructible Japanese, English → EnglishJapanese, English → English
G.NA꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (English Ver.) (Kkeojyeo Julge Jal Sara) English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
G.NABlack & White English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
NewJeansHurt English, Korean → ThaiEnglish, Korean → Thai
2NE1Come Back Home (Unplugged Version) English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
Girls' GenerationMr.Mr. Korean → EnglishKorean → English
EXID上下 [Up & Down Chinese version] (shàng xià) English,
+2 more
Chinese, Korean
 → English
+2 more
Chinese, Korean
 → English
Re:vale太陽のEsperanza (Taiyō no Esperanza) Japanese → KoreanJapanese → Korean
Girls' GenerationLucky Like That English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
Zom Marieรางวัลปลอบใจ Thai → EnglishThai → English
Tasuku HatanakaTWISTED HEARTS Japanese, English → KoreanJapanese, English → Korean
Red VelvetBYE BYE English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
Siriphon Amphaiphongกอดคนนอกใจ Thai → EnglishThai → English
Lukket Panisaraไอ…มิด…ยู Thai → English
thanked 1 time
Thai → English
thanked 1 time
PALMYคิดมาก (Kid Mak) Thai → JapaneseThai → Japanese
PALMYคิดมาก (Kid Mak) Thai → EnglishThai → English
GFRIEND시간을 달려서 (Rough) (Siganeul Dallyeoseo) Korean → EnglishKorean → English
Uki VioletaLUNAM English, Latin → English
3 thanks received
English, Latin → English
3 thanks received
Kep1erI do! Do you? English, Japanese → ThaiEnglish, Japanese → Thai
Kep1erI do! Do you? English, Japanese → Korean
thanked 1 time
English, Japanese → Korean
thanked 1 time
Kep1erI do! Do you? English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
Girls' GenerationGoodbye Korean → EnglishKorean → English
TWICEChanging! English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
MAMAMOO심심해 (ZzZz) (simsimhae) English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
Fiestar짠해 (You’re pitiful) Korean → ThaiKorean → Thai
Girls' Generation종이비행기 (Paper Plane) (jong-ibihaeng-gi) English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
Our Blues (OST)내 곁에 (By My Side) (nae gyeot-e) Korean → EnglishKorean → English
Paper Planesทรงอย่างแบด (song yaang bad) Thai → EnglishThai → English
SISTARCome and get me (끈) English, Korean → ThaiEnglish, Korean → Thai
SISTARCome and get me (끈) English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
Ver Vermillion왜 내가 아닐까 (wae naega anilkka) Korean → ThaiKorean → Thai
Ver Vermillion왜 내가 아닐까 (wae naega anilkka) Korean → EnglishKorean → English
Ver Vermillion왜 내가 아닐까 (wae naega anilkka) Korean → TransliterationKorean → Transliteration
Millie ParfaitSana ako na lang Filipino/Tagalog → English
thanked 1 time
Filipino/Tagalog → English
thanked 1 time
B.A.P (South Korea)What The Hell Korean → EnglishKorean → English
Se7enBETTER TOGETHER English, Korean → EnglishEnglish, Korean → English
TAEYEONU R Korean, English → ThaiKorean, English → Thai
Girls' Generation소원 (Honey) (sowon) Korean, English → ThaiKorean, English → Thai
Girls' GenerationKissing You Korean → ThaiKorean → Thai
TWICEYES or YES English, Korean → ThaiEnglish, Korean → Thai
Girls' GenerationCloser English, Korean → ThaiEnglish, Korean → Thai
Henry Lau1-4-3 (I Love You) English, Korean → English
thanked 1 time
English, Korean → English
thanked 1 time
UnnämedSummer Song English, Japanese → Japanese
2 thanks received
English, Japanese → Japanese
2 thanks received
TWICEWhat Is Love? English, Korean → SwedishEnglish, Korean → Swedish
TWICEWhat Is Love? English, Korean → GermanEnglish, Korean → German
TWICESIGNAL (sigeuneol) English, Korean → SwedishEnglish, Korean → Swedish
TWICESIGNAL (sigeuneol) English, Korean → GermanEnglish, Korean → German
Bossam: Steal the Fate (OST)옷깃 (Collar) (Otgit) Korean → EnglishKorean → English
ITZYWANNABE (Japanese Ver.) English, Japanese → ThaiEnglish, Japanese → Thai
PimryPieอย่านะคะ (Don't, please) Thai → EnglishThai → English
TWICEYES or YES English, Korean → GermanEnglish, Korean → German
PimryPiePARTY English → Thai
thanked 1 time
English → Thai
thanked 1 time
TWICEYES or YES English, Korean → SwedishEnglish, Korean → Swedish
G.NA꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 (feat. 현아) (kkeojyeo julge jal sala (feat. HyunA)) Korean → EnglishKorean → English
ApinkNoNoNo Korean → EnglishKorean → English
Uki VioletaStarlight, Stargazer English, Latin → English
thanked 1 time
English, Latin → English
thanked 1 time
UnnämedSummer Song English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
You're Beautiful (OST)말도 없이 (Without Words) Korean → ThaiKorean → Thai
Lee So-eun사랑해요 Korean → EnglishKorean → English
THE7Bad Dream (Thai Ver.) English, Thai → English
thanked 1 time
English, Thai → English
thanked 1 time
Park Bom되돌릴 수 없는 돌아갈 수 없는 돌아갈 곳 없는 (Wanna Go Back) (Doedollil su eobsneun dol-agal su eopsneun dol-agal gos eobsneun) Korean → ThaiKorean → Thai
SHINeeSherlock(Japanese ver.) English, Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
English, Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
ApinkNoNoNo (Japanese Ver.) Japanese → ThaiJapanese → Thai
ApinkNoNoNo (Japanese Ver.) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Zom MarieMake Your Mind Up English → ThaiEnglish → Thai
Zom Marieโลกอีกใบ (Loke Eek Bai) Thai → EnglishThai → English
Zom Marieหรือฉันคิดไปเอง (Reu Chan Kid Pai Aeng) Thai → KoreanThai → Korean
Zom Marieหรือฉันคิดไปเอง (Reu Chan Kid Pai Aeng) Thai → EnglishThai → English
Zom Marieกล่องสุ่ม Thai → EnglishThai → English
Zom Marieยิ้มอ่อนและมองบน Thai → EnglishThai → English
AEK PHANUรักเธอหมดเป๋า Thai → EnglishThai → English
Zom Marieถ้าบอกว่าไม่ไหว (เธอจะกลับมาไหม) Thai → EnglishThai → English