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About me

Call me Nero. I'm an American man born and raised in the Seattle area of the Pacific Northwest, which means I've grown up around a lot of diversity and, especially, various cultures of Asia. I found a fascination with Japan upon discovering things like anime and JRPGs, but I grew a personal interest in the language after I started learning it's core functions and the ways it handles grammar. While I'm currently a student of game design and development, I've started putting my free time into learning to read and write my Japanese better, which has eventually lead me to translating songs into Japanese by hand. Naturally, that's about when I found this website.
A large number of my translations will likely be for songs not many people are going to want to read in Japanese, but I'm in this for the bettering of my own mindbrain. The stipulation that someone across the ocean could possibly get really into the music because of it is just a bonus.
That being said, I only know so much of the language. I'm relatively good with a lot of the basic and intermediate nuances of conjugation (still ironing out the occasional -te form and, by extension, casual past tense blunder though), and I've also gotten a good hold on how the basic connections between words differ from English (and they do. Oh boy, they do). But even with that, I guarantee you I'm not going to be perfect. I am but one man going through Colleg and I'm doing this in my spare time as a learning activity, so if I do make an egregious mistake and you know how to point it out, please do so. Just be aware I would not describe myself as 'fluent' by any means, just past the basics and looking to continue towards that stage.

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