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Hi, I'm Nemanja. I'm 19 years old and I am from Serbia. I am originally from southern Serbia (the city of Vranje), but I've been living in Belgrade since I was 7. I finished Philological High School (class for German language) this year and I enrolled the Faculty of Philology (Department for the Serbian language and literature). Besides my mother language (and languages like Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin), I speak Bulgarian, Macedonian, English, German, Russian and I know Latin (not colloquial, I just know grammar and I can translate texts, since we don't learn Latin to talk in it). At the moment, I'm learning Russian and I'd like to learn Old Church Slavonic, Old English, Czech, Spanish, Turkish, Finnish, Georgian, Arabic. And when I'm not learning languages, I read and write poetry, I read novels, I'm doing calligraphy (mostly script fonts), I'm "exploring" Serbian grammar, I listen to music, watch films, translate poems etc. I'm also interested in parapsychology, history and such things. If anyone needs any help, I will be most glad to help.


Serbian = native speaker

Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin = almost as a native speaker

English = C1

Bulgarian = B2

German = B2

Macedonian = B1

Latin = I've had an A in my school all 4 years :)))

Russian = B1

Turkish = A1

Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, German, Macedonian
English, German, Latin, Old Church Slavonic

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Emina JahovićДва самолета Serbian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Serbian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Anna AkhmatovaЧућеш гром што ће на ме да те сети Russian → SerbianRussian → Serbian
Dobri IsakЈас знам дека ќе пропаднам Serbian → Macedonian
thanked 1 time
Serbian → Macedonian
thanked 1 time
Mikhail LermontovРазделихме се, но този мил лик Russian → BulgarianRussian → Bulgarian
Predrag Zivković TozovacТи си ме чакала Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Bulgarian FolkНевено моме Bulgarian → Macedonian
thanked 1 time
Bulgarian → Macedonian
thanked 1 time
Anna GermanA on se meni svidja Russian → BosnianRussian → Bosnian
Mediaeval BaebesRemember me* Bulgarian → Bosnian1Bulgarian → Bosnian
RainaТи си ми све Bulgarian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Bulgarian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Christian Hymns & SongsХристос воскресе Old Church Slavonic → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Old Church Slavonic → Serbian
thanked 1 time
RainaМакедонска девојка Macedonian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Macedonian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Aleksandr PushkinАнгел Russian → BulgarianRussian → Bulgarian
Aleksandr PushkinАнђео Russian → SerbianRussian → Serbian
Aco PejovićНито една не е като ти Serbian → Bulgarian5Serbian → Bulgarian
Željko JoksimovićГръб в гръб Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Matija BećkovićНикога вече Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Jovan DučićМоята любов Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Vladislav Petković DisТя спи, може би Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Toše ProeskiНесоница Croatian → MacedonianCroatian → Macedonian
AzisГадна раса Bulgarian → MacedonianBulgarian → Macedonian
Mary Elizabeth FryeНе стой на гроба ми и не плачи English → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
English → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Mary Elizabeth FryeНе стој ми на гробу и не плачи English → Serbian
thanked 1 time
English → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Sergey YeseninОдговорила је шума златна Russian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Russian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Aleksandr PushkinАз Ви обичах Russian → BulgarianRussian → Bulgarian
PlamenaЌе продолжам Bulgarian → MacedonianBulgarian → Macedonian
PlamenaПродужићу Bulgarian → SerbianBulgarian → Serbian
TyzeeДај ми само дан Macedonian → BosnianMacedonian → Bosnian
Adrian GaxhaНе веруј ми, лажем Macedonian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Macedonian → Serbian
thanked 1 time
Aca LukasОбичаш ли ме Serbian → Bulgarian4
thanked 2 times
Serbian → Bulgarian
thanked 2 times
Toše ProeskiБезсъние Croatian → BulgarianCroatian → Bulgarian
Toše ProeskiЧия си Serbian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Serbian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Hari Mata HariЛейла Bosnian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Bosnian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Dženan LončarevićНикому ни дума Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Al DinoСамо небето е дом Bosnian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Bosnian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time