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About me

 Languages and music have been my passion ever since I was a child. I like using my knowledge of them in order to make lyrics accessible in other languages. It's both a process of self-enrichment and a way of being useful to other people.

 I'm quite meticulous in terms of typography, grammar and punctuation. I respect the rules and particularities of every language, hence I do my best to apply them. Of course, I'm by no means flawless, so if you think I've made a mistake somewhere, please do notify me.

 Also, please be aware that I do not take requests for translating lyrics. Although I've done it a few times in the past, I think that translating something I wouldn't really like myself doesn't feel honest, and that's why I decided to stop doing that and keep publishing translations of songs that I personally like instead.

About the languages I've selected as being fluent in, and the ones chosen as studied:

 I have studied a lot of languages out of pure interest (even such which I haven't selected), but I don't have a set goal such as becoming fluent in any of them in order to talk with other people – at least at this point of my life. I prefer understanding a language when it's written or spoken, but not necessarily being able to speak it.

This is the reason why I don't consider myself fluent in any language besides my native Bulgarian. Yet, I've chosen English, Italian, French and Esperanto rather as the ones I feel most confident to both use and work with: I'm able to speak, as well as to translate both from and into these languages. My priority, however, is translating lyrics into Bulgarian. As for the ones I've selected as studied, I can understand them at different rates, depending on their proximity to other languages I'm better at. For the sake of clarity, here are two lists (short and long) concerning my proficiency, sorted alphabetically:

Short list:

  • Languages I understand well, but still need to practise more (and do so): Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak;
  • Languages I understand less well and still need a dictionary or a grammar reference for: Greek;
  • Languages I have some rather general knowledge of, and thus not being proficient enough in without the help of a dictionary or a grammar reference: German, Hungarian, Japanese, Turkish;
  • Languages I have studied at some point for a specific reason, but don't use at all: Hindi, Neapolitan, Swahili.

Long list:

  • Czech and Slovak: I can understand both of them decently well, but Czech slightly predominates, as I'm concentrated on it more. I still have a lot of vocabulary to catch up on, as well as to get used to the word order in more complex sentences in Czech. I find it somewhat hard to express myself in them confidently due to the lack of practice.
  • German: For some reason, I find concentrating on this language difficult. I'd like to advance, but I keep ending up getting bored with it. I have some general knowledge about its grammatical features, about the way the word order functions more or less, but I lack a lot of vocabulary and practical experience of it. Hence I can understand some rather basic German, but with the help of a dictionary, I could grasp a lot more.
  • Greek: Thanks to Greek being in the Balkan sprachbund (language union) – which makes it close to Bulgarian in terms of grammar and having a common way of expressing oneself – I can understand some of it, but I have a lot of vocabulary to catch up on. I'm not quite exposed to it, so I hardly ever use it, but with the help of a dictionary, I could use it both for colloquial speech and for translating some easier lyrics if I feel like doing it.
  • Hindi: The reason I started learning Hindi was to translate a song into Bulgarian, which I managed to do, but I did almost nothing further after that. I can read Devanagari, albeit slowly.
  • Hungarian: I can understand some basic Hungarian. I have some general knowledge about its grammatical features, but lack a lot of vocabulary, just like with German.
  • Japanese: I use my knowledge of it with the sole purpose of translating songs from it. I've made a few translations of easier lyrics into it as well, but I can hardly use it for anything else (especially for colloquial speech), again, due to the lack of practice. I have more theoretical knowledge of it rather than practical.
  • Neapolitan: I started learning it for being able to understand songs only, so I don't use it at all.
  • Polish: With my knowledge of Czech, Slovak and Russian (and, of course, Bulgarian), I can understand quite a fair amount of it, but at this point, I don't consider myself able to communicate properly in it (however, I'm working on improving myself).
  • Portuguese: Thanks to my knowledge of Italian and French, I understand it almost as well as them. (The same applies for Spanish as well, but I'm not interested in it.) There's still room to improve in terms of vocabulary and verb tenses. Yet again, due to the lack of practice, I have a very small number of translations into it so far. I usually prefer European Portuguese, so that's the variety I would use in my translations, but I have no problems at switching to Brazilian in communication.
  • Romanian: Again, thanks to my knowledge of other Romance languages, like Italian and French, and also to the fact that Romanian belongs to the Balkan sprachbund, I experience almost no problem at using and understanding it. I still have some things to polish (no pun intended), but nonetheless, I understand it fairly well and use it when needed.
  • Russian: I studied it at school from 5th to 7th grade on a rather basic level, in later years continued on my own and improved my knowledge of it significantly. Thanks to its similarity to Bulgarian, I can understand it at a decent degree (mostly when written, slightly less when spoken), but I experience some hard time to express myself in it.
  • Swahili: I learned some Swahili through Duolingo for fun because of its differences to other languages I know. However, I've forgotten a lot of vocabulary and grammar.
  • Turkish: I learn it mostly for fun, as I love its grammatical features and the overall sounding of it. I can understand more basic sentences, but nonetheless, I find using it rather difficult at this point, mostly because of the word order.

Shortcuts for symbols I often use, but don't have on my keyboard:

  • (Ellipsis as a single symbol);
  • (Arrow pointing to the right) – I use it when notifying translators for the changes I've applied to the source lyrics or when suggesting any improvements;
  • Āā, Ēē, Īī, Ōō, Ūū (Latin vowels with macrons) – for rōmaji transcriptions of titles or lyrics;
  • А̀а̀, Ъ̀ъ̀, О̀о̀, У̀у̀, Ѐѐ, Ѝ, Ю̀ю̀, Я̀я̀ (Cyrillic vowels and semivowels with grave accents) – for indicating stressed syllables in Bulgarian when needed;
  • Ǎǎ (Latin Aa with caron) – for transliterating the letter Ъъ in Bulgarian titles;
  • Œœ – for French;
  • , İ, Ğğ, Şş – for Turkish;
  • Ёё, (Em dash) – for Russian.
English, Esperanto, Italian, French
Greek, Neapolitan, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swahili, Turkish, Hungarian, Hindi, Czech, Japanese
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One More TimeLa sovaĝulino Swedish → Esperanto
2 thanks received
Swedish → Esperanto
2 thanks received
Secret GardenNokturno Norwegian → Esperanto
3 thanks received
Norwegian → Esperanto
3 thanks received
Secret GardenНоктюрно Norwegian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Norwegian → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Bessy ArgyrakiKiel sonĝo Greek → EsperantoGreek → Esperanto
Bessy ArgyrakiКато сън Greek → BulgarianGreek → Bulgarian
Anna VissiBonan tagon, mia nova amo Greek → Esperanto
3 thanks received
Greek → Esperanto
3 thanks received
Anna VissiДобър ден, нова любов моя Greek → BulgarianGreek → Bulgarian
Kasia KowalskaА това, което имам… Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Nelly RangelovaNon ti ricordi? Bulgarian → ItalianBulgarian → Italian
KonstantinaЕдна Гърция – светлина Greek → BulgarianGreek → Bulgarian
Pasha HristovaPrintempa nokturno Bulgarian → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Bulgarian → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Sofia VossouLa printempo Greek → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Greek → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Sofia VossouПролетта Greek → BulgarianGreek → Bulgarian
Miroslava KatsarovaMit dir denke ich mir die Welt aus Bulgarian → German
2 thanks received
Bulgarian → German
2 thanks received
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)Пролог/Здрач English → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
English → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
Lili IvanovaКакво повече ни липсва German → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
German → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
Helena VondráčkováМотел „Бял рудник“ Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Helena VondráčkováМакс Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
GhemonЗвезден миг Italian → BulgarianItalian → Bulgarian
Zdzisława SośnickaНе ме чакай в Аржентина Polish → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
Polish → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
Lenka NováОт пътя Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Lenka NováПисма Slovak → BulgarianSlovak → Bulgarian
Karel GottЧувал съм за рая Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Karel GottНа всичко бих се радвал Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Karel GottПрез две врати от мен Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Lenka NováЗа Бог Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Arisa (Italy)Можеше да направиш повече Italian → BulgarianItalian → Bulgarian
Irina FlorinOcean Bulgarian → Polish
thanked 1 time
Bulgarian → Polish
thanked 1 time
Irina FlorinOzean Bulgarian → GermanBulgarian → German
Irina FlorinOceano Bulgarian → EsperantoBulgarian → Esperanto
Irina FlorinLa mallumo ene de mi Bulgarian → EsperantoBulgarian → Esperanto
Marius KurkinskiĈe la orkolora rivero Bulgarian → EsperantoBulgarian → Esperanto
Lili IvanovaRequiem Bulgarian → GermanBulgarian → German
Lili IvanovaRequiem Bulgarian → PolishBulgarian → Polish
Lili IvanovaРеквием Bulgarian → RussianBulgarian → Russian
Lena d'ÁguaДа летиш Portuguese → BulgarianPortuguese → Bulgarian
Lena d'ÁguaСпящата красавица Portuguese → BulgarianPortuguese → Bulgarian
António VariaçõesКогато говори португалец… Portuguese → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Zdzisława SośnickaVoku, voku ankoraŭ Polish → EsperantoPolish → Esperanto
Krystyna ProńkoMatenaj larmoj Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Obywatel G. C.Признавам се за виновен Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Zdzisława SośnickaEndormiĝis en mi ĉio Polish → EsperantoPolish → Esperanto
Zdzisława SośnickaMi prikantas la tagon Polish → EsperantoPolish → Esperanto
Zdzisława SośnickaВъзпявам деня Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Irena JarockaAntaŭsento Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Irena JarockaПредчувствие Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Hana ZagorováКогато влизаш сутрин Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Michal PenkЗа лудите Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Zdzisława SośnickaBonan nokton, amo mia… Polish → Esperanto
2 thanks received
Polish → Esperanto
2 thanks received
Zdzisława SośnickaЛека нощ, обич моя… Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Udo JürgensАнгел в утрото German → BulgarianGerman → Bulgarian
Udo JürgensОбратно в Бразилия English → BulgarianEnglish → Bulgarian
Udo JürgensЛюбими мои у дома German → BulgarianGerman → Bulgarian
Udo JürgensNova mateno German → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
German → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Udo JürgensНово утро German → BulgarianGerman → Bulgarian
Udo JürgensMiaj kantoj German → EsperantoGerman → Esperanto
Udo JürgensМоите песни German → BulgarianGerman → Bulgarian
Udo JürgensKelkaj ŝtonoj, du infanoj, unu rivereto German → EsperantoGerman → Esperanto
Udo JürgensНяколко камъчета, две деца, един поток German → BulgarianGerman → Bulgarian
Nelly RangelovaOmbrelo por du Bulgarian → EsperantoBulgarian → Esperanto
Vselena SirakovaTaki zimny Bulgarian → PolishBulgarian → Polish
Vlado GeorgievВинаги съм тук Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Sergej ĆetkovićMia mondo Serbian → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Serbian → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Sergej ĆetkovićМоят свят Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Vlado GeorgievНавик Serbian → BulgarianSerbian → Bulgarian
Krystyna ProńkoУтринни сълзи Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Zdzisława SośnickaЖивот отначало Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Zdzisława SośnickaВикай, викай още Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Tetyana KocherhinaЗвезден час Russian → BulgarianRussian → Bulgarian
Tetyana KocherhinaАз викам есента Ukrainian → BulgarianUkrainian → Bulgarian
Krystyna ProńkoСпециални случаи Polish → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
Polish → Bulgarian
2 thanks received
Lesya Borovets'Тъгата на Афродита Ukrainian → BulgarianUkrainian → Bulgarian
Marika GombitováПесен наобратно Slovak → BulgarianSlovak → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakОбич Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakУрок по вдъхновение Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakПътуване с любимата Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakДо нощта Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakУстните ти целуват Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakТъга Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakВсе по-близо Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakНа самото дъно Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakЕдинствена светлина Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakЛюбов Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakВървя нататък Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Halina FrąckowiakКолко хубаво би могло да бъде Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Zdzisława SośnickaСветът от старите карти Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Zdzisława SośnickaSimple Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Zdzisława SośnickaПросто Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Irena SantorВярата премества планини Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Polish → Bulgarian
thanked 1 time
Zdzisława SośnickaСветът е щедър Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Zdzisława SośnickaLa mondo amuzas min Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Polish → Esperanto
thanked 1 time
Zdzisława SośnickaРадва ме светът Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Zdzisława SośnickaОбичай ме винаги Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian
Helena VondráčkováВече се съмва Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Helena VondráčkováЩом дъждът си легне в тревата Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Helena VondráčkováЛюбимите ти ще забравят Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Helena VondráčkováПесента на прецъфтелите глухарчета Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Helena VondráčkováЛети Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Iveta BartošováТиха песен Czech → BulgarianCzech → Bulgarian
Zdzisława SośnickaВ цвета на кръвта Polish → BulgarianPolish → Bulgarian