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Badminton. Got spirit but not much skill.
Jogging. Got spirit but not much stamina.
Drawing in anime/manga style occasionally, obsessively, painfully.
Planning out character arcs, backstories and relationships, book settings, destinations of scenes. Climax of conflict.
Filling notebooks with chapter after chapter after chapter till I reach the END, I LOVE THE END.

About me

Just an aspiring writer passing through, having fun translating Japanese songs and worsening my eyesight. Native Singaporean, but they didn't have that in the options. Someday, you might meet me again under a different name (probably Fallflight) on some social media site, attempting to market my books. But for now, I'm just here and nowhere else (besides YouTube).

As I am translating for fun, I regretfully say I might not be able to take translation requests. I believe someone who is passionate about the song in question ought to translate it, or it will feel forced and disrespectful to the original artist Sad smile I hope you all understand. Don't worry! I'm sure there are people out there willing to translate your song - they might be better at it than me Regular smile

Once again, thanks for viewing my translations guys (^W^)

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ArtistTranslationLanguagesCommentsInfoInfosort descending
Kasamura TotaHeart-Restoration Song Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
AmatsukiConnecting Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Kasamura TotaOften Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Kasamura TotaHow to Protect You, Who Won't Cry Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Kasamura TotaUntil I Can Fly Again Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Super BeaverAs People Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Utatsuki KaoriThe Words You Gave Me Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Miina TominagaWhat I Want to Protect Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Norihiko TanimotoIDLING For You Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
JA-JAProbability of Paradise Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Kasamura TotaCheers Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Kasamura TotaI Wanted to Become Someone's Hero Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Ayako IkedaSunset Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Berry GoodmanHighlight Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
96NekoThank You Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
ducaOnly You Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
ducaThank You Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Ayako IkedaThe Blue Sky I Gazed Upon Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
UNISON SQUARE GARDENCatch Up, Latency Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Wolpis CarterVoice Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
RyokuoushokushakaiHappiness Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
RyokuoushokushakaiLovers Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
RyokuoushokushakaiThe Light I Saw Then Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
MinamiWaiting for Rain Japanese → English1
1 vote, 13 thanks received
Japanese → English
1 vote, 13 thanks received
KOBUKUROFootsteps of Time Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
KOBUKUROMiracles Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English