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Компьютер, компьютер, компьютер - вопрос есть один у меня...

  • Music preservation and audio restoration (usually including translations if applicable)
  • Genres inclduing any type of synthpop (Italo, HI-NRG, euro disco)
  • Schlager - mostly Russian, but German too
    • Also pretty interested in the differences between West Germany and the GDR's music at the time
  • Obscure/forgotten Eastern European pop from the late 80's - mid 90's
    • Фиакр, Киса, Павел Гладунов, Канiкули
      • I will attempt to translate any Russian-language information on these bands if asked
    • Blondinė, Ledi-Disko, Kombinacija, Ekstazė, Debiutas, Miledi
  • Languages and their respective histories, notably Russian
    • Dialects are also very interesting, in any language
  • History! Mostly Eastern European history, but I love learning about things.
    • Music history COULD be included in this but I find that significantly more boring than not
    • Really interested in the history and culture of the -stans (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan...)
  • Soviet movies
    • Свадьба в Малиновке, Ирония судьбы, Морозко
    • If you have any to recommend, please tell me! I won't be able to watch without English subtitles, though.
About me

Despite common misconception, I am a boy.

Trying to reconnect with my family's culture through music.

I spend a decent amount of time focused on stuff regarding music preservation. If there's an artist or album you're having trouble finding, Send me a message and I'll see if I can find it. I'll also gladly share information about any of the artists I've found (though be warned, most of them are either Russian or Lithuanian, if that's not your thing!)

I am interested in taking up Lithuanian or Kyrgyz but I'm notoriously terrible with language exchange type stuff.

Find me on:

Я могу говорить по-русски! Но, я намного лучше переводить - я говорю по-английски или по-французски тоже, и я лучше в этом.

(Что это значит - когда вы мне говорите по-русски, я могу бы не понимать.)

Russian, Spanish
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Poyushchie SerdtsaОбманщица (Obmanshchitsa) Russian → English
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Russian → English
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Home on the Range (OST)(You Ain't) Home on the Range (Canadian French) French → English
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French → English
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Lady SweetnessMusic Machine French → English
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French → English
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BitterwolfUne flèche dans le coeur French → English1
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French → English
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