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The Untamed (OST)曲尽陈情 (Qū Jìn Chén Qíng) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
The Untamed (OST)不由 (Bù Yóu) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
Allen Deng癡情冢 (Yin-Yang Master OST) (Chīqíng Zhǒng) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
Alec Benjamin许愿池 (Wishing Pool) [Water Fountain] (Xǔ Yuàn Chí) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
X-NINE永不下线的才算爱吗 (May I Have Your Heart-IP?) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
The Wolf (OST)对立面 [Opposite] (duì lì miàn) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
The Wolf (OST)天狼星 [Sirius] (tiān láng xīng) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
Eternal Love (OST)三生三世 (Sān Shēng Sānshì) Chinese → HungarianChinese → Hungarian
The Untamed (OST)不忘 (Bù Wàng) Chinese → Hungarian
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Chinese → Hungarian
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Ashes of Love (OST)左手指月 (Upwards to the Moon) (Zuǒshǒu zhǐ yuè) Chinese → Hungarian
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Chinese → Hungarian
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Qing Yu Nian (OST)余年 (Remaining Years) (Yú nián) Chinese → English
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Chinese → English
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Qing Yu Nian (OST)一念一生 (Yīniàn yīshēng) Chinese → Hungarian
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Chinese → Hungarian
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Shingeki no kyojin (OST)DOA (Dead on Arrival) English → HungarianEnglish → Hungarian