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added a video link. aaaaaaand its gone !!


staying out of jail
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# a mute button to mute those extra "smart people" in the comment section
# bulk editor: language, genre, etc for single,several or all songs of an artist
# auto replace dead videolinks
# auto recognize language
# small country flags next to all languages in the "change language" menu
# much faster way of adding/editing song, folders, artists with more automation
# add genres: chanson, parody, grunge,
# small country flags in the country list for faster selection
# ban or punish users who don't add their own artist pictures and wiki link.
# a red list for the bands that are not allowed
# a lifetime prison sentence for people who enter several performers in the "artist" tab,
and leave no video or wiki link to verify the entry.

requests should ALWAYS contain:
# acceptable layout and ortography
# a valid video
# verified link to a wiki page, twitter, facebook, instagram or VK

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3066 translations posted by SaintMarkDetailsAll Translations

Yuri EntinA Crafty, Incredibly Crafty Cat Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Yuri EntinThe limericks of Grandmother Yoshka Russian → English5Russian → English
Yuri EntinFirst-grader Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Yuri EntinSong of the black cat Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Gruppa AhasA Thief's Lot (Life seemed good) Russian → English
thanked 4 times
Russian → English
thanked 4 times
Yaniv Ben MashiachGod Hebrew → English
thanked 1 time
Hebrew → English
thanked 1 time
Hymns of Russian OblastsThe stately quiet Don Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsThe Hills of Valdai Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsHello Youngblood Russian → English1Russian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsSolemn Anthem Russian → EnglishRussian → English
German FolkBlankenstein Hussar German → English1German → English
die HeidweilersDuchess Anne of Brittany German → English
thanked 1 time
German → English
thanked 1 time
die HeidweilersThe Ballad of the Red Hair German → EnglishGerman → English
Die StreunerWe once arrived from Piemont German → English
thanked 1 time
German → English
thanked 1 time
Die StreunerA farmer wanted to get up early German → EnglishGerman → English
Die StreunerA monk came to a nunnery German → EnglishGerman → English
Die StreunerThree cheers for the bathkeeper German → EnglishGerman → English
Die StreunerRaven Ballad German → EnglishGerman → English
Die Streunerthe Witch German → EnglishGerman → English
The MoominsMoomin Closing Theme (dutch) Dutch → EnglishDutch → English
NordmanUnder the Nothernlight Swedish → English1
thanked 1 time
Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Yurii ShatunovThe melt of snow Russian → EnglishRussian → English
German FolkBy the mountains green hemline German → EnglishGerman → English
German FolkHiking is the miller's delight German → English
thanked 2 times
German → English
thanked 2 times
German FolkBy the well outside the gate German → EnglishGerman → English
Fritz WunderlichThis portrait of magical beauty German → EnglishGerman → English
German FolkEventide falls again German → EnglishGerman → English
Astrid LindgrenPippi Longstockings Spanish → EnglishSpanish → English
The MoominsMoomin Opening Theme (dutch) Dutch → EnglishDutch → English
The MoominsMoomin Intro Theme (hebrew) Hebrew → EnglishHebrew → English
The MoominsMoomin Intro Theme (german) German → EnglishGerman → English
Yurii ShatunovRecord my voice on the tape Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Yurii ShatunovAnother man's pain Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Carl OrffBehold, the pleasant Latin → EnglishLatin → English
Carl OrffThe sun warms everything Latin → EnglishLatin → English
Carl OrffThe merry face of Spring Latin → EnglishLatin → English
Ray ManzarekI bemoan the wounds of fortune Latin → EnglishLatin → English
OugenweideBeautiful Witch German → English1German → English
OugenweideThe Rival German → EnglishGerman → English
OugenweideSong of the Informer German → EnglishGerman → English
OugenweideSong of Lies German → EnglishGerman → English
Russian Children SongsLetkajenka Russian → English
thanked 1 time
Russian → English
thanked 1 time
OugenweideWenn in einem grünen Garten German (Middle High German) → GermanGerman (Middle High German) → German
Italian FolkBarbagal Piedmontese → EnglishPiedmontese → English
Astrid LindgrenA summer breeze is blowing outside Swedish → English10Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenOur place at Saltkrakan Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Astrid LindgrenOur whitest rose Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish FolkTulavall Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Astrid LindgrenTula hem and Tula vall Swedish → English6Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenLotta's Noise making Song German → EnglishGerman → English
Astrid LindgrenThe Lincoln Tune Swedish → English1Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenMerry-go-round Song Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Astrid LindgrenI see a chieftain Swedish → English2Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenKalle Blomquist Song German → EnglishGerman → English
Swedish Children SongsThe old man and old woman had a calf Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsGood Evening Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsI walk alone and wander here Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsA hobo was walking down Roslags Street Swedish → English1Swedish → English
Swedish Children SongsOne elephant was swinging Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsA squirrel sat in a spruce tree Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Swedish Children SongsDinkeli dunkeli doja Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsThere was a little mouse Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsDance my doll Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Swedish Children SongsDen Hunn ass dou Swedish → LuxembourgishSwedish → Luxembourgish
Swedish Children Songsde haan is dood Swedish → DutchSwedish → Dutch
Swedish Children SongsPál, Kata, Péter, jó reggelt! Swedish → HungarianSwedish → Hungarian
Swedish Children SongsKukkoni kuoli komea Swedish → FinnishSwedish → Finnish
Swedish Children SongsNoster gallus est mortuus Swedish → LatinSwedish → Latin
Swedish Children Songsумер петух Swedish → Russian3Swedish → Russian
Swedish Children SongsMi gallo se murió ayer Swedish → Spanish4Swedish → Spanish
Swedish Children SongsEusere Güggel, dä isch tot Swedish → German (Swiss-German/Allemanic)Swedish → German (Swiss-German/Allemanic)
Swedish Children SongsDer Hahn ist tot Swedish → GermanSwedish → German
Swedish Children SongsLe coq est mort Swedish → FrenchSwedish → French
Swedish Children SongsOur rooster's dead Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsThe Gnomes' Christmas Night Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Swedish Children SongsThree Little Old Ladies Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish Children SongsThumb tot, Spatula Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Swedish FolkSpring Breezes Weave and Whisper Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Astrid LindgrenThe Wicker Song Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Astrid LindgrenHello, here's Pippi Swedish → English3
thanked 1 time
Swedish → English
thanked 1 time
Astrid LindgrenThe pig crows in the treetop Swedish → English12Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenWho is not afraid at times Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Astrid LindgrenPig Tune Swedish → English3Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenAnother one like me Swedish → English1Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenThe Heroic Ones - Master Detectives live dangerously Swedish → English2Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenLullaby Swedish → EnglishSwedish → English
Astrid LindgrenPippi Longstocking French → English1French → English
Astrid LindgrenLike this I shall always venture German → EnglishGerman → English
Astrid LindgrenPirate grandpa Fabian German → EnglishGerman → English
Astrid LindgrenLazing about is wonderful German → EnglishGerman → English
Astrid LindgrenThe Song of Pippi Longstocking German → EnglishGerman → English
Astrid LindgrenEmil i Lönneberga German → EnglishGerman → English
Astrid LindgrenJust a small dog Swedish → English3Swedish → English
Astrid LindgrenWolf Song German → English
thanked 1 time
German → English
thanked 1 time
Astrid LindgrenWe don't care about these crooks German → EnglishGerman → English
ArkonaInvocation Russian → English
thanked 2 times
Russian → English
thanked 2 times
Regional Anthems of SpainSong of Hope (Castile and Léon) Spanish → English1Spanish → English
Austrian State AnthemsAnthem of Lower Austria German (Austrian/Bavarian) → EnglishGerman (Austrian/Bavarian) → English
Austrian State AnthemsAnthem of Vorarlberg German → EnglishGerman → English
Regional Anthems of SpainAnthem of Ceuta Spanish → English2
thanked 2 times
Spanish → English
thanked 2 times