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my hobbies are watching tv series, reading, writing (fanficition usually, im on wattpad and but im not active in either at the moment) I listen to music and i also love signing.

About me

Hi there! Im Samantha, but you can call me Sam. Im numb3rs/CSI miami/Hamilton/detroit become human/Holby city addicted. I love Country/jazz music and my favorite band are Rascal Flatts, and procol harum. My favourite singers are James Blunt and Lord Huron. My favourite song is a Song that goes like this:

Shine your light down on me
Lift me up so i can see
Shine your light when you're gone
Give me the strength
To carry on, carry on

Other things i can tell: best numb3rs character is Don (and Charlie of course), best CSI Miami character is Jesse.

Ps, im on Tumblr, just search samizoo!

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ArtistTranslationLanguagesCommentsInfoInfosort descending
Tim McGrawHighway Don't Care English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Norah JonesCome Away with Me English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Hamilton (Musical)Non-Stop English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Max PezzaliMe la caverò Spanish → EnglishSpanish → English
Max PezzaliMe la caverò Spanish → FinnishSpanish → Finnish
The great lake swimmersPassenger song English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Tilhet, pajut ja muutpuuhevonen Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Mikko LeppilampiLapsuuden usko Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
PMMPOi, Herra luoksein jää Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Jenni VartiainenHerra kädelläsi Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
YonaPilvet liikkuu, minä en Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Adam GubmanBreathe English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Adam GubmanRise English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Adam GubmanMathilda English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Adam GubmanNothings good forever English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Adam GubmanWasted time English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Unknown Artist (English)keep on going English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Priscilla AhnFine on the outside English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
NFHow Could You Leave Us English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Robbie RobertsonShine your light English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Christina AguileraThe voice within English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
James ArthurImpossible English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Clara MaeI'm Not Her English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Air Traffic ControllerBlame English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Little MayHide English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Imagine DragonsNothing Left to Say English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
James BluntCold English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
James BluntHalfway English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
The CarsYou might think English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
DonovanCatch the Wind English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Bob DylanBlowin' in the Wind English → Finnish
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English → Finnish
thanked 1 time
Procol HarumToo Much Between Us English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Procol HarumThe Milk Of Human Kindness English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
SkilletFire and fury English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Hollywood UndeadI Don't Wanna Die English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Matt NathansonAll We Are English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
VonrayI'll show you English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Jess GlynneTake me home English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
The Shiresabout last night English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Allman BrownSweetest thing English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
The Hush SoundYou Are The Moon English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Lord HuronThe Night We Met English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
John MartynRun honey run English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Taylor SwiftMary's Song English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
James BluntMonsters English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Brad PaisleyFind Yourself English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
James TaylorOur Town English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
CreedOne Last Breath English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Michael ChapmanYou say English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Kaija KooNiin kaunis on hiljaisuus Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Nina KraljićLighthouse English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Blake SheltonGod Gave Me You English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Counting CrowsAccidentally in Love English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Imogen Heap2-1 English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Miley CyrusI Thought I Lost You English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Jason WalkerDown English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Evelyn EvelynEvelyn Evelyn English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Claire GuerresoSkipping Stones English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Demi LovatoFor The Love Of A Daughter English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
James BluntHow It Feels to Be Alive English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Brad PaisleyWhiskey Lullaby English → Finnish
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English → Finnish
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KodalineBrother English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
The Greatest Showman (OST)Never Enough English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Rebecca SugarEverything Stays English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Lord HuronThe Yawning Grave English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
12 StonesWorld So Cold English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
The 1975If I Believe You English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Keaton HensonYou English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Jake BuggSlide English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Bolt (OST)Barking at the Moon English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Billy JoelAnd So It Goes English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Death Cab for CutieTransatlanticism English → Finnish
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English → Finnish
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Alexandra BurkeBefore The Rain English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish
Simple PlanWelcome To My Life English → FinnishEnglish → Finnish