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wowaka - ロリーンガール

アメリカ人トランスジェンダー翻訳者。 American transgender translator (They/Them/くん ください). I translate songs from Japanese to English in my spare time (mostly electronic music and indie rock). All translations posted here are my own original work from the original Japanese.

Despite the "Subtitles" in my name, I don't actually do anime fansubbing. I like and follow its ethos, however. My translations are unofficial and I'm a self-taught amateur doing this out of my love for Japanese music without any intention of monetary gain.

I have no problems with sharing or reposting my translations, but please attribute any reposts to me, Subeki Subtitles, and please link to my original translation here on Lyrics Translate. Likewise, I'm OK with using my translations for derivative works (i.e. singable lyrics for English covers), but please indicate that your lyrics were based on an original translation by Subeki Subtitles.

I'm still a relatively new translator so constructive suggestions for improvement are welcome! よろしくおねがいします! Thanks for reading my translations! Regular smile

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ItsueKotoba wa Uso o Tsuku (言葉は嘘をつく) Japanese → English
3 thanks received
Japanese → English
3 thanks received
Peaky P-keyUltimate Vista (Ultimate Vista) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
Photon Maiden4 Challenges (4 Challenges) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
TricotNoradrenaline Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
tokiwaVanguards Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
TEMPLIMEネオンライト (Neon raito) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
TEMPLIMEタイムサーフ (Taimu Sa-Fu) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Denonbuミルキータイムライン (Miruki-Taimurain) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
DenonbuLove me harder (Love me harder) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
DenonbuIn my world (In my world) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
KOTONOHOUSEpitter, patter (pitter, patter) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
Aiobahnwish Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
KOTONOHOUSEマシュマロ・マキアート (Marshmallow Macchiato) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
OrangestarSurges Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
ItsueAoi Tori (青い鳥) Japanese → English
3 thanks received
Japanese → English
3 thanks received
OrangestarDAYBREAK FRONTLINE Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Passepiedアンダスタンディング (Understanding) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Passepiedメーデー (Mayday) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
kiki vivi lilyLazy (Lazy) Japanese, English → EnglishJapanese, English → English
Moe ShopRADIO LOVE HIGHWAY (RADIO LOVE HIGHWAY) English, Japanese → EnglishEnglish, Japanese → English
Indigo la Endほころびごっこ (Hokorobi gokko) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Hitsujibungaku1999 (1999) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Hitsujibungakuマヨイガ (Mayoiga) Japanese → English
2 thanks received
Japanese → English
2 thanks received
ACANE (ZUTOMAYO)Character P,RJapanese → English
2 thanks received
Japanese → English
2 thanks received
YeYe暮らし (Kurashi) Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
ItsueToki no Yurameki (時のゆらめき) Japanese → English
5 thanks received
Japanese → English
5 thanks received
Anriウィンディ・サマ (Windy Summer) Japanese → English
2 thanks received
Japanese → English
2 thanks received