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In love with languages, simply put.

Brazilian Portuguese is my mothertongue but I'm also familiar with Portuguese from Portugal due to the fact that I teach Portuguese to foreigners. I've been fluent in English since a young age; I've been to Australia, Scotland, England and Ireland many times so I'm also familiar with different accents, slangs and nowadays I use English as my primary language in daily life. I grew up with Spanish as a second language at school. After living in Italy I'm fluent in Italian as well and I understand some very basic Neapolitan too. I've been studying Esperanto for a few years because I love it. Now I'm learning German, French and Russian.

English, Italian, Spanish
Esperanto, French, German, Russian
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Matheus LynarPoema Amassado Portuguese → English
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Portuguese → English
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Eva RuizDéjame decirte Spanish → English
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Spanish → English
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AnnenMayKantereitOft gefragt German → EsperantoGerman → Esperanto
Ludwig van BeethovenE pur fra le tempeste Italian → English
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Italian → English
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РучеёкМне часто снился этот сон (Mne chasto snilsya etot son) Russian → Esperanto
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Russian → Esperanto
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РучеёкМне часто снился этот сон (Mne chasto snilsya etot son) Russian → PortugueseRussian → Portuguese
РучеёкМне часто снился этот сон (Mne chasto snilsya etot son) Russian → EnglishRussian → English
MeimunaLa Nuit Je Danse French → RussianFrench → Russian
MeimunaLa Nuit Je Danse French → PortugueseFrench → Portuguese
MeimunaLa Nuit Je Danse French → Spanish
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French → Spanish
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MeimunaLa Nuit Je Danse French → ItalianFrench → Italian
MeimunaLa Nuit Je Danse French → EsperantoFrench → Esperanto
MeimunaLa Nuit Je Danse French → EnglishFrench → English
MeimunaLa Nuit Je Danse French → GermanFrench → German
U240 English → EsperantoEnglish → Esperanto
AnnenMayKantereitPocahontas German → Esperanto
2 thanks received
German → Esperanto
2 thanks received