Transcription Requests

ArtistSongLanguageAuthorPosted ago
ChymèresFantasmeFrenchWhite.Rose6 days 16 hours
UnknownLa Vie En RoseFrenchEduardo González Desk3 weeks 2 days
AlbéLilleFrenchtwocairns2 months 5 days
Achille PouletCarnaval, tu es roi Feat Mona ClaireFrenchEnrixosfromParis2 months 6 days
Emilia CuronLe coeur a dit ouiFrenchEnrixosfromParis2 months 1 week
StencLoupFrenchKamil.M2 months 4 weeks
JacynthePapillon de NuitFrenchdhani.ramirez3 months 1 week
Tenacious DClassico (French version)Frenchmezzafredda3 months 2 weeks
Aly WsMes Gars (Mi Gente - Version Française)Frenchdhani.ramirez3 months 3 weeks
La RecettePrièreFrenchriemi4 months 4 days
Monica AspelundLaponieFrenchmk874 months 1 week
Makhno ProjectFantaisieFrenchUnusual Alex4 months 3 weeks
Richy NixHataliFrenchDenevue6 months 6 days
Céline LanguedocJardin d'EdenFrenchAlma Barroca6 months 3 weeks
St AudinLibre comme l'artFrenchtyulpam7 months 3 weeks
Mauricio RiveraParlez Lui (Si la Ves - Summer - Version Française)Frenchdhani.ramirez8 months 1 day
Forguette Mi NoteIstemboFrenchmaluca11 months 3 weeks
Adam ProjectSea-Gulls / Comme La PluieFrenchasasasw1 year 3 weeks
DickensGénocideFrenchRomaint1 year 2 months
Cajun RoostersValse d'orphelinFrenchLeeOnCandler1 year 3 months
DorisAvant toiFrenchDrkellz1 year 4 months
Leïla LanovaQue ToiFrenchJOtter1 year 7 months
Tangerine DreamSpirit SpiralFrenchengineer4god1 year 7 months
Corpse Bride (ost)Un Mariage (Canadian French) [The Wedding Song]Frenchphantasmagoria1 year 7 months
King Khan And The ShrinesLe fils de Jacques DutroncFrenchmaluca1 year 8 months
AshkaDégoût viscéraleFrenchthelostone1 year 9 months
Tac Poum SystèmeAsmodaïFrenchRomaint1 year 9 months
Anthony BellicourtJe suis un séducteurFrenchiskenman1 year 9 months
La TchadBavetteFrenchdraumbók1 year 10 months
Missz JohnsonPeligrosoFrenchdraumbók1 year 10 months
La TchadYo FachéFrenchdraumbók1 year 10 months
RettoreAvant GardeFrenchAlma Barroca1 year 10 months
Unknown Artist (french)Connaissez-vous là basFrenchelfy20161 year 12 months
Ad infernaOmniscienceFrenchLulin2 years 3 weeks
DorisGarçonFrenchsachy2 years 1 month
Barbara kanamSi SiFrenchCharles Dupé2 years 1 month
StrongholdLive by the RulesFrenchthelostone2 years 3 months
Anorexia nervosaBlood, latex, terrortech warFrenchBerenika2 years 6 months
HaksReste CoolFrenchAlejandromarques172 years 6 months
AshkaÇa sent la pourritureFrenchthelostone2 years 7 months
Opéra de nuitL'Appel Du FroidFrenchEvil_Deed2 years 7 months
Opéra de nuitBoris Transylvania CampFrenchEvil_Deed2 years 7 months
RuthMotsFrenchLou_Seiz2 years 8 months
MomoL'Eur de MomòFrenchAlma Barroca2 years 8 months
ArgentoManhuntFrenchthelostone3 years 6 days
Pensées nocturnesLe MarionnettisteFrenchbenevoliste4 years 8 months