Transcription Requests

ArtistSongLanguageAuthorPosted ago
TiticaBate na madeiraPortuguesezaïroise rdc2 days 5 hours
Flavel & NetoDa só um tempoPortuguesezaïroise rdc3 weeks 3 days
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (ost)Os sinos de Notre Dame [The bells of Notre Dame] (European Portuguese)PortugueseIcey4 weeks 5 hours
TiticaProcura o BrincoPortuguesezaïroise rdc1 month 4 days
Lazy Town (ost)Cooking by the Book (Portuguese)PortugueseKmiltreu1 month 2 weeks
Rita DiasCom gosto amigoPortugueseEffily1 month 2 weeks
Daniela OnísP'ra Lá do RioPortugueseEffily1 month 2 weeks
David PessoaAmor velozPortugueseEffily1 month 3 weeks
SamyjayBAIXAPortugueseСергей Долгирев3 months 2 days
Llaynon RamosChutaPortugueseСергей Долгирев5 months 6 days
Olaf's Frozen Adventure (ost)A Balada de Flemmingrad (Versão Tradicional) [The Ballad of Flemmingrad (Traditional Version)] (European Portuguese)PortugueseAnna Elsa J.5 months 1 week
Olaf's Frozen Adventure (ost)Quadra do Mês (Reprise) [That Time of Year (Reprise)] (European Portuguese)PortugueseAnna Elsa J.5 months 1 week
Ana MalhoaTeu Veneno (Tu Veneno - Versão Português)Portuguesedhani.ramirez7 months 4 weeks
RealorbeatzRosaPortugueseСергей Долгирев8 months 9 hours
Dj Puto XRoçaPortugueseСергей Долгирев8 months 10 hours
Dj Puto XCTQMKPortugueseСергей Долгирев8 months 10 hours
Soccer Anthems AngolaAnthem Of Primeiro De Agosto CdPortugueseSaintMark8 months 2 weeks
Soccer Anthems AngolaAnthem Of Libolo CrdPortugueseSaintMark8 months 2 weeks
Football Anthems PortugalAnthem of Associação Destiva de Fafe ParPortugueseSaintMark8 months 2 weeks
Football Anthems PortugalAnthem of Futebol Clube PenafielPortugueseSaintMark8 months 2 weeks
Narcotic Sound & Christian DVengaPortugueseKsevery4.19 months 2 weeks
Toy Story (ost)Amigo estou aqui [You've got a friend in me]PortugueseMiley_Lovato1 year 2 months
Lord tagmanAbismo CanibalPortuguesethelostone2 years 1 month
ArgentoCemetery in the BackyardPortuguesethelostone3 years 1 month
Lord tagmanDestructionPortuguesethelostone3 years 3 months
Lord tagmanFalsos EspíritasPortuguesethelostone3 years 3 months