Tre madri (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
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Three Mothers

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[Titus’ mother]
‹Titus, you’re not God’s son,
yet there is someone who is dying in bidding you farewell.›
[Dismas’ mother]
‹Dismas, you ignore who was your father,
yet your mother is dying more than you.›
[Titus’ and Dismas’ mothers]
‹Mary, you’re shedding too many tears to bewail
just the image of an agony:
you know that, on the third day,
your son will come back to life;
let us bewail a bit louder
those who won’t be resurrecting from death.›
«I’m bemoaning the things of his that are taken away from me:
his slim arms, his forehead, his face,
his every drop of life that’s still living,
that I see is dying away by the hour.
«Son in my blood, son in my heart;
and people who call you ‟Our Lord”
look for a snippet of Paradise
in the effort of your smile.
«You’re a son to me, dying life,
this womb of mine bore you [when you were] blind;
like in my womb, now on the cross,
this voice of mine calls you, my love.
«Weren’t you the son of God,
I would still have you as my son.»
  • 1. Jesus and the two thieves (Titus and Dismas) are agonizing on the cross, and their mothers are bewailing them.
    Titus’ and Dismas’ mothers claim they have a right to lament louder than Mary, since their sons will be dead for good, while Jesus will resurrect.
    Mary replies that she’s not bewailing the son of God; she’s lamenting her son just like any mother would.
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Tre madri

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