Rocío Jurado - Tres momentos de amor (English translation)

English translation

Three moments of love

I have and I don't have love,
and that removes my calm,
I'm surrounding the flower,
but I can't reach, I can't reach.
Only its smell reaches me,
like if I was blind... blind... blind...
only its smell reaches me,
I have and I don't have love.
I'm inside of a love
and another one surrounds me,
that with the strength of a colt
it moves around me.
What should I do, lord?
Between a very calm love
and this one that keeps on edge
the pulse, the air and the flower.
I don't know which will be worse,
and I have my pulse stopped,
wounded and criucified
between a love and another,
wounded and criucified
between a love and another.
-Don't remember, don't remember me anymore.
Our love, our love can't be real.
-Then, of this love,
what do we do? tell me.
-I don't care, I don't care, dump it in the river!
Or better, or better, dump it in the sea!
-Why would I dump it?
It would die of cold.
-Then, bury it in the sand! Then, bury it in the sand!
-No...! No, because it'd bloom,
and you wouldn't like
to see me blooming of sorrow -sorrow, sorrow, sorrow!-
to see me blooming of sorrow.
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Tres momentos de amor

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