trick of light

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Meanings of "trick of light"


something appearing different from what actually is as a result of the quality of light

"The paint looked blue, but it was just a trick of the light."

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"trick of light" in lyrics

Gabrielle Aplin - Salvation

While I'm wide awake

Just a trick of light
To bring me back around again

U.K. - Rendezvous 6:02

Was that a face I saw?
No, just a trick of light
It's getting clearer now

Demons & Wizards - Fiddler on the green

The air was clear
The air was clear
A trick of light
Turned red into green

Poets of the Fall - Jealous Gods

Calling out your name like it's now and never surrender
Victory is yours to claim
By every trick of light by sleight of hand
That makes a miracle reality right where you stand

Travis - Mother

Once upon a cold and starless night
Saw a vision or a trick of light
We know there's nothing wrong

Rush - Available Light

Doesn’t mean that much to me

Trick of light
Moving picture

Blind Guardian - Otherland

The observer

A trick of light
A fading line