Trihos urbanos (English translation)


Trihos urbanos

O melhor o tempo esconde
Longe muito longe
Mas bem dentro aqui
Quando o bonde dava a volta ali
No cais de Araújo Pinho
Nunca me esqueci
Onde o imperador fez xixi
Cana doce, Santo Amaro
Gosto muito raro
Trago em mim por ti
E uma estrela sempre a luzir
Bonde da Trilhos Urbanos
Vão passando os anos
E eu não te perdi
Meu trabalho é te traduzir
Rua da Matriz ao Conde
No trole ou no bonde
Tudo é bom de ver
São Popó do Maculelê
Mas aquela curva aberta
Aquela coisa certa
Não dá pra entender
O Apolo e o Rio Subaé
Pena de pavão de Krishna
Maravilha vixe Maria mãe de Deus
Será que esses olhos são meus?
Cinema transcendental
Trilhos Urbanos, Gal
Cantando o Balancê
Como eu sei lembrar de você
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Trilhos Urbanos

Time hides the best
Far, far away
But quite inside, here
When the streetcar used to turn around over there
At the Araújo Pinho docks
Little tamarind tree
I never forgot
Where the emperor peed1
Sugar cane, Santo Amaro
Very rare taste
I have within me for you
And a star always shining
Streetcar of Trilhos Urbanos2
The years go by
And I haven't forgotten you
My job is to translate you
From Matriz Street to Conde Port
In the trolley or in the streetcar
All is pleasant to see
St. Popó of Maculelê3
But that wide bend
That certain thing
I can't figure out
Apolo and River Subaé
Peacock feather of Krishna
Wonder, Mary Mother of God
Are those eyes mine?
Transcendental cinema
Trilhos Urbanos, Gal4
Singing "Balancê"5
How much I remember you
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Silvano ZhengSilvano Zheng    Tue, 21/09/2021 - 05:59

Muito abrigado, Julia! I really appreciate your help. After I posted my request, in fact, I received a CD containing an "official" translation of the same lyric done by Arto Lindsay, but your translation and notes are still very useful for me—my understanding deepens by comparing between two English versions, in addition to my feeble grasp of Portuguese. May I ask an extra question? "From Matriz Street to Conde Port /
In the trolley or in the streetcar / All is pleasant to see" — What's the exact difference between the two means of transport? In English, I think people sometimes use the two words interchangeably.

juliaalvaresjuliaalvares    Mon, 18/10/2021 - 16:08

You're welcome! Answering your question, the "trole" (trolley) is connected to an electric wire that runs above the tracks by a cable on its roof, while the "bonde" (streetcar) isn't. Do you think there's a more fitting translation?
And can I ask you in turn to post Lindsay's translation, so I can see the solutions he came up with?

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