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Moon and daybreak

With only the slightest variation
it slipped off the palm of my hand,
even what I thought I could grab
goes away.
What time is it now?
With a drunken head, I carelessly
looked back, in the night sky,
I saw a faint moonlight.
Empty days slip through
I don't know the continuation yet.
When I learned of the fragility of
what I believed to be natural
I pretended not to notice,
I just earned time.
I remember that occasion,
my memory still doesn't disappear
I still have a light sad feeling in my chest
It can't stay like this forever
Someday it'll be all over
Will I remember this moon?
It leaves me behind
and vaguely melts into the daybreak.
Empty days slip through,
the continuation is right now
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月と暁 (Tsuki to akatsuki)

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