月の悲哀 (Tsuki no Hiai) (English translation)

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涙は流せない ゆずれないこの道
嵐の中にも 求める扉があった
薔薇の花には 棘があるように
愛する人にも 傷をつける
怪しげな美しさ 見てる二つの眼
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Note: where "透明い" is written in the lyrics insert, "白い" is sung.

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The Sorrow of the Moon

My tears wouldn't stop flowing on that unyielding road:
even in the eye of the storm, there was the door that I searched for.
There seem to be thorns on the rose's flowers,
hurting even those who I love.
*Let's search for the moonlight,
(with freedom...)
we're spending time in vain,
as this white time passes.
The two eyes which look at that suspicious beauty.
Submitted by Laurence02Laurence02 on Wed, 28/10/2020 - 20:59
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This song is rather vague.

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