Priscillia - Tu Me Manqueras Toujours (English translation)

English translation

I'll Always Miss You

I'll be here, beside you
Even if I know you don't see me
I'll walk in your footsteps
Even in the sky, close to you..
Your guardian angel is the day and night
Your soulmate is in paradise
I'll love you even in death
Because my love is very strong
Why has life done this to us?
Why aren't you beside me anymore?
I have cried and yelled many times
Praying the skies to let you
Tell me again, once more
That for your whole life, you'll love only me
I'll come every night to talk to you
In all of your dreams, oh, my adore
You're gone, you left me only the memories, my adore
I remember your kisses
As if you're coming to kiss me
In the silence of you absence
I always believe to hear you sing...
This melody that you loved
It fills my life and my spirit with your cheerfulness
I'll always miss you
I'll always miss you
I'll always miss you
My love, forever
I'll always miss you
I'll always miss you
I'll always miss you
My love...
The memories of the first day
That we passed, making love
The emotions, the words of love
We'd always rhyme together
I remember your pleasure
Of the good moments of delirium
And I will remember
the best of you in my memory
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Tu Me Manqueras Toujours

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