Foge Foge Bandido - Tu não tens de mudar (English translation)

English translation

You don't have to change

If you have to listen to, you have to do.
And the world says "You have to change"
It just didn't wash hands of yours
But you have the hand of the world to wash of
Stand back a little more
And sleep in peace, because you don't have to
give your smile this way,
neither spending your wits this way.
You don't have to change.
Who wants you to change
doesn't want to meet you.
So, you don't have to change.
I don't have anything I could call "mine".
Because everything that was good
belonged to the "to have"1
And now, I decided
to be happy.
And conform myself that I will never have
the world in my hands.
Don't feel sorry for me now
My days no longer are made of gold
Before they were, it seemed like there was a problem.
Now, all of us are movie stars
And we all hide ourselves from the
eye of the world pretty well.
Everybody can see us but
no one can hear us.
You don't have to see.
You don't even have to love.
You'll just think that you saw something
when to the taste of your law
The love will make you a king
  • 1. Maybe this "to have" is related to the line which says "And conform myself that I will never HAVE the world..." so, maybe he thinks that everything he thought was good, actually it was the idea of "having the world", as if he could do everything he wanted, with no limits. Therefore, he had to conform himself that he, nor nobody else, can have the world in his hands. In short, now he is happy even if he doesn't have the world in his hands, he prefered to choose the "BE" instead of the "HAVE", if you understand me.
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Author's comments:

Unfortunately I couldn't understand some parts of the song, the translation may sound odd, but it's hard to translate when the song doesn't help us.


Tu não tens de mudar

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Lemoncholic    Fri, 24/08/2012 - 11:59

No worries, we're pretty skilled in translating all the poetic exotica of our dear Portuguese friend. Regular smile

First, on your footnote. I suppose that the "to have" are the people, who gain something by force, and the protagonist cannot be this way, for some reason.

>My days no longer are made of gold
Before it was, it seems like there was a problem.
"Before they were", maybe. If he means "days" (plural). With this corrected, you should also edit: "it seemed liked there was a problem". Is "existia" a verb of the Present or the Past tense?

>Now, all of us are movie star
Just a typo here. "Stars".

dowlenon1    Fri, 24/08/2012 - 15:52

Thank you Regular smile

And yes, the "existia" is in the past form, I thought it is odd though