Ajda Pekkan - Tu Pars Et Tu Reviens (English translation)

English translation

You Go and You Come

In the silence of the night
I monitor every noise
I’d like to sleep
I’d like to escape
By loving someone other than you
But you know well
That you’re not afraid at all
That I’ll ever leave you
And you go and you come
And you never say anything
You come, you complain
About lacking love
And you go and you come
You take other paths
And I wait for your return until morning
All the sad scenes
My memory recalls
What you said
What I hoped for
What you did to my heart
Of this house
Of this passion
Of this illusion of happiness
The smile that I loved
I secretly hope for it
Give me your hand
And from time to time
Tell me that you really love me
A drop of water
Is all the flower needs
To give it back its colour
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Tu Pars Et Tu Reviens

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