Celia Cruz - Tu y Las Nubes (English translation)

English translation

You and the clouds

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I'm flying low
my love is touching the ground
and you're so high, so high
just looking at my troubles
knowing that I'm a man
who is so far from the sky
I'm flying low
only because you don't love me,
and I'm obsessed with you
you have so many pleasures
but I like following your steps
even when there are many other woman.
You and the clouds are driving me crazy
You and the clouds are going to be the death of me
I don't rise my eyes to the sky very often
You don't know how to look at the soil
I wasn't born to be a pauper
I like the good things in life
and you'll have to love me
or in the battle, I will die
but that little mouth of yours
will have to tell me "I love you"
Tree of hope
you who live alone in the camp
tell me If I shouldn't forget her
or tell me if I shouldn't stand her
because in the end anyway my eyes
are going to be filled with tears
You and the clouds...
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Tu y Las Nubes

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