Belo - Tudo Mudou (English translation)

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Everything changed

Everything changed
After I felt
The taste of a kiss
With so much love
That you gave to me
And in your arms
I live a dream
That I never imagined (could exist)
You illuminated me
When I could no longer dream
You showed
What I never saw
And with care explained
What I never understood
That I had everything
And that I had nothing
To love is what I needed most
The sadness is gone
I thank you
With all that I am
Before I met you
The world didn't have color
I want to tell you
Your love changed my life
I love you so much
I ask you please
To promise me
That we will never say goodbye
I'll let you know I'm scared
To be even a second without you
Everything changed...
After I saw you.
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Tudo Mudou

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