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Barney the Purple Ranger lyrics

  • Artist: TV's Kyle
  • Album: Bear Maximum

Barney the Purple Ranger

Back when I was a lad of 15 or so
I liked to keep my dial on the Fox Kids shows
There was Eek the Cat, the pirate Mad Jack,
Bobby's World and Animaniacs
But one day I saw a thing I can't comprehend
Something I never ever saw again
A crossover nobody wanted to see
I swear I saw on my TV:
Barney the Purple Ranger
It was freakin' nutty! He was reading to the Putties!
Barney the Purple Ranger
It seemed very very wrong to hear him sing the theme song!
(La la la la la la)
I thought for a moment I was on the wrong channel
But I could see Jason there, chillin' in his flannel
Seems Rita Repulsa and the mighty Lord Zedd
Have kidnapped Baby Bop who they'd like to see dead
So far, I'd have to say I'm on the villains' side
Plus it's hard to pretend that I don't mind
Watching a giggling wiggling wriggling dino
Fail so bad at martial arts that he looks like a wino
Barney the Purple Ranger
Did I hallucinate this? Did I actually see it?
Barney the Purple Ranger
If it's a fever dream, then fine! So be it!
He'll never ever save Baby Bop
With arms too tiny to karate chop
He can't wear the helmet 'cos his head's gigantic
Can't stand his antics, his moves are frantic
I was gonna change the channel 'cos I was getting bored
But then he did a thing that couldn't be ignored
He called BJ and Sandy Duncan with his magical sword
And became the giant robot Idiot Zord
He fell over and destroyed a giant monster
He saved Baby Bop, now a word from our sponsor
I turned off the tube and I took a nap
It's kinda hard to recover from that
Barney the Purple Ranger
It was a show I couldn't unsee!
Barney the Purple Ranger
It's not on YouTube, so you'll have to trust me!
Barney the Purple Ranger
(La la la la la)
Barney the Purple Ranger
(La la la la la)
Barney the Purple Ranger
A program that could not be stranger
Submitted by DSMDSM on 2022-10-08
Last edited by DSMDSM on 2022-12-31
Submitter's comments:

A song harking back to the 1990s, combining the then-popular Power Rangers scene and the vitriol against Barney the Dinosaur.


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