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Bruce 2000

And I can tell you it really has been a special couple of weeks here in Sydney. Gee, it's been exciting, hasn't it. No wonder Juan and Tony have both described it as the best games ever.
The Chinese girl Gon Shop Ping going up against the Korean Phul Kar Park in one of the quarter-finals. And in the other quarter, two more Koreans doing battle, Yu Pak Shit and So Du Yoo.
And now with her second attempt at 2 metres 56, Bettya Notganagedova. She is a hot favourite for the women's high jump, but the Nigerian girl Oyeahbaby Yuweemumma is still in the lead here.
And Kenya's first weight lifting gold medal goes to Teme Wadase (Teme Wadase), Teme Wadase (Teme Wadase). The new Olympic champion for Kenya.
Well done Tammy, twenty-third overall, a personal best, doesn't all look well for Athens though.
The Russian Gobbedimov in lane 4, Wahim Lahim the Kuwati runner in 5, Titsa Kimbo the Nigerian in lane 6.
A special auction of Olympic memorablabia tonight, and the girls from the women's water polo team are going...
And the Slovakian gold medal champion Proboly Popdaneky, isn't he loving life at the moment. Look at him hugging the Korean Silver medalist Hu Took Tu. Nun Leftova from Russia, he looks very disappointed.
And the Chinese takeaway sweet and sour memories from Sydney.
Now the current standings in the men's hammer throw the Russian, Yagoda Nastikov is in the lead, Zureny Kashleftova the other Russian holding down second spot, Bludi Robsić the Croatian is in third. Gee, it's dominated by the Europeans this event, isn't it. Tomas Gleisner the German currently in fourth, Chuck Dewoboli, now Chuck the only American still with a chance of a medal, he's in fifth but not throwing well.
Lasarn Yar from Italy going past her now.
Choo Ma Fat from China in lane 1, Gee Yu Suk the Korean in 2, Con Creteshoes the Greek champion in lane 3.
Matt Shirvington the lunch box, special moment this for a special penis... ahhh special athlete.
We'll go back to the high jump soon, they're just putting the bar up there. And speaking of barring up, let's go out to the women's beach volleyball now, here's Sandy Cracks at Bondi.
Inida Pupu from Nigeria.
Several of the Chinese girls not competing in these games, the two swimmers Wi Doe Ping and Yay Wi Wan both pulling out...
She's such a special athlete, wouldn’t you just love to...
Tossalegova she's done it, not since the great East German Nora Titsov have we seen such...
A special moment for Ireland as Paddy O'Furniture becomes the first Irish swimmer to...
Gee Long Dong the Korean in front now, just ahead of the Russian Wenya Nokenov, the German Künts in third.
As they come around now for the bell lap, Ruwan Mahmood the Indian, Pissenmiov the Russian, just behind the Italian Biensili, Maitav Tanokova the other Russian, Hisushitin Mitu to the Japanese champion, then the runner from Kazakhstan Kanbargerov, a bit of a gap in the field then to the Dutchman Jooser Damme Goos, Sum Dum Prik from Thailand. There's another runner there on the inside Husz Krapdisdackz from Poland, and dropping away now the Swede Lars Persson.
Millions, possibly billions, dare I say trillions of people from all over the world.
Graham's gone out strongly in the back straight, she's in the middle, Cathy three from the left, Graham's gone out really hard to Gravara, Freeman going very strongly as they approach the halfway mark. You can see her three from the top of your screen, this is where Cathy likes to explode. Freeman got a bit of work to do, with about 150 to go Gravara and Marie are right in it, into the straight Graeme leads, Freeman runs up to Marie on the inside, Cathy starts to lift now, she goes up to Graham, Freeman takes the lead, she looks to have it won, she goes away even further now, Cathy's done it, she's shat all over them, what a legend Cathy Freeman.
*Ah, Ahhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh*, oh special, can I borrow your handkerchief, Raelene...
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