Ты нравишься мне (Ty nravishʹsya mne) (English translation)

Ты нравишься мне

Эй, мальчик,
Скажи мне привет!
Я очень стеснительна
Ты, кажется, нет
Разве ты
Не влюбился в меня
И я не должна
Смотреть на тебя
А вдруг я опять
Ошиблась с тобой
Больше буду
Управлять собой
Ты так понравился
Понравился мне
Когда же когда
Ты мне скажешь привет
Submitted by selplaceiselplacei on Mon, 26/07/2021 - 16:58
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I like you

Hey, boy
Say hello to me!
I am very shy,
Looks like you are not
Have you really
Not fallen in love with me
And I don't need
To be looking at you
But what if once again, I
Was mistaken about you
I wouldn't be able
To control myself anymore
I like you so
Like you so much1
When, just when
Will you say hello to me
  • 1. In the original, the word order of "I like you" is more like "You (are liked) (by me)". These two lines are split as "You so (are liked)" and "(are liked) (by me)", which can't be translated directly into English.
Submitted by selplaceiselplacei on Mon, 26/07/2021 - 17:03
Author's comments:

This is the translation I made a while ago and which is credited on Bandcamp (i.e. I am Ilya Boyko), though I've improved it a bit now.

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