Irakli - Ty odna (Ты одна) (English translation)

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You're one

You're one... [x3]
During long nights don't fall asleep, my Mon Ami
You're extraterrestrial, under stars we will share
The quiet light of the moon, the music of the wind in our dawn,
The very first one on the edge of the earth, scarlet like your lips.
You're one of 7 billion people,
A bright light among dim and grey days.
The sun in the daytime and the moon in the sky at nights,
You're one of 7 billion.
You're one [x4]
So light, you've passed by unrepeatably,
And your unexplainable magic has charmed me.
Maybe, somewhere there, in the heart area, where the dream lives,
There was no place for others and I knew that I would see you.
You're one [x4]
© Vladímir Sosnín
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Ty odna (Ты одна)

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Kashtanka1965    Sun, 08/01/2017 - 11:41

Don't fall asleep. The moon in the sky.