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צריך לצלצל פעמיים (Tzarich L'tzaltzel Pamayim) (English translation)

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Need To Ring Twice

I sew and sew
the sea won't stop growling
i remember your face
as if it were today.
Ah, how much we laughed then
my head full of golden curly hair
to those days there was a flavor
of an apple tree in spring
I said: "Come during twilight
and invite me to go for a stroll
my address is HaGalil number 2.
first floor, on the right..."
You must ring twice
need to wait for a brief moment
and then the two doors will open
and so we'll meet in a glance
You must ring twice
come in and say: "Good Evening,
i came in to you in a moment
because i passed in the street."
And thus, until that evening came
they washed the noisy sidewalks
your words tortured me like a saber
your words hit me like a whip
I kept quiet, i knew nothing
tears choked in my throat
we separated... and suddenly i heard
in the doorway the ringing of the bell -
For a moment i delayed opening
delayed from pain and light
why did you hurry to flee?
why did you hurry? tell me...
You must ring twice...
I sew and sew...
If an occasion will be and you'll come
again to pass here in the street
remember that in the home is tranquility
remember that a light is on1
Come if you wish like before
nothing needs to be renewed
no need for sorrow and pain
no need to ask for forgiveness
You must ring twice....
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צריך לצלצל פעמיים (Tzarich L'tzaltzel Pamayim)

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