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ئۇچراشقاندا (Uchrashqanda) (English translation)

ئۇچراشقاندا (Uchrashqanda)

سەھەر كۆرگەن چېغىم،
كۆزۈم سۇلتانىنى
دېدىم سۇلتانمۇ سەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
كۆزلىرى يالقۇنلۇق،
قوللىرى خېنىلىق
دېدىم چولپانمۇ سەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
دېدىم ئىسمىڭ نېمە؟
دېدى ئايخاندۇر
دېدىم يۇرتۇڭ قەيەر؟
دېدى تۇرپاندۇر
دىدىم باشىڭدىكى؟
دېدى ھىجراندۇر
دېدىم ھەيرانمۇسەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
دېدىم ئايغا ئوخشار!
دېدى يۈزۈممۇ؟
دېدىم يۇلتۇز كەبى!
دېدى كۆزۈممۇ؟
دېدىم يالقۇن ساچار!
دېدى سۆزۈممۇ؟
دېدىم ۋولقانمۇ سەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
دېدىم قىياق نەدۇر؟
دېدى قاشىمدۇر
دېدىم قۇندۇز نەدۇر؟
دېدى ساچىمدۇر
دېدىم ئون بەش نەدۇر؟
دېدى ياشىمدۇر
دېدىم جانانمۇ سەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
دېدىم دېڭىز نەدۇر؟
دېدى قەلبىمدۇر
دېدىم رەنا نەدۇر؟
دېدى لېۋىمدۇر
دېدىم شېكەر نەدۇر؟
دېدى تىلىمدۇر
دېدىم بىر ئاغزىمە!
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
دېدىم زەنجىر تۇرار؟
دېدى بوينۇمدا
دېدىم ئۆلۈم باردۇر؟
دېدى يولۇمدا
دېدىم بىلەزۈكچۇ؟
دېدى قولۇمدا
دېدىم قورقارمۇ سەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
دېدىم نېچۈن قورقماسسەن؟
دېدى تەڭرىم بار
دېدىم يەنىچۇ؟
دېدى خەلقىم بار
دېدىم يەنە يوقمۇ؟
دېدى روھىم بار
دېدىم شۇكرانمۇ سەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
دېدىم ئىستەك نەدۇر؟
دېدى گۈلۈمدۇر
دېدىم چېلىشماققا؟
دېدى يولۇمدۇر
دېدىم ئۆتكۈر نېمەڭدۇر؟
دېدى قولۇمدۇر
دېدىم ساتارمۇ سەن؟
ئۇ دېدى ياق-ياق!
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The Encounter

Versions: #1#2#3
From my eyes, I saw a sultana
when it was dawn.
"Are you a sultana?" I asked.
"No, no," she answered.
Her eyes were a landscape of fire,
Her arms were hennaed.
"Are you the goddess of the evening and morning stars, herself?" I asked. "No, no," she said.
"What's your name?" I asked.
"It's Ayhan," she replied.
"Where is your homeland?" I asked.
"It's Turpan1," she replied.
"What's troubling you?" I asked.
"Separation," she answered.
"Are you someone's lover?" I asked.
"No, no," she said.
"You're like the moon," I stated.
"Is it because of my face?" she asked.
"Like the stars," I said.
" Is it because of my eyes?" she asked.
"Like little sparks," I said.
"Is it because of my voice?" she asked.
"Are you a volcano?" I asked.
She said, "no, no."
"What's as dark as a beetle?" I asked.
She answered, "My eyebrows."
"What is a wave that is colored black?" I asked.
She replied, "It's my hair."
"What is fifteen?" I asked.
"My age," she said.
"Are you a sweetheart?" I asked.
"No, no," she answered.
"What's like the sea?" I asked.
She said, "My heart."
"What is beautiful? I asked.
She said, "My lips."
"What is like sugar?" I asked.
She said, "My tongue."
"Can you lend me some of your sugar?"
"No no," she said.
"Where is the jougs?" I asked.
"On my neck," she said.
"I see death coming." I said.
She said, "It's for me."
"How about the handcuffs?" I asked.
"On my wrists," she said.
"Are you scared?" I asked.
"No, no," she said.
"Why aren't you scared?" I asked.
"I have my god," she said.
"What else do you have?" I asked.
"I have my people," she answered.
"Anything else?" I asked.
"I have my spirit," she said.
"Are you blessed?" I asked.
"No, no," she answered.
"What's like a wish?" I asked.
"Like my rose," she said.
"War is coming," I said.
She said, "It's for me."
"Who's Ötkür?" I asked.
"He's my servant," she stated.
"Are you going to sell him?" I asked.
"No, no," she replied.
  • 1. Province in Xinjiang
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George TzamouranisGeorge Tzamouranis    Tue, 05/11/2019 - 16:37

The question "What's fifteen ?", in verse eight, refers to the shortlived Republic of Turkestan which existed from 1933 until 1948.
The year 1948 is also the year in which the poet Abdurrehim Ötkür wrote this poem, in the city of Urumchi.

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