Uğurla Bahtiyarları (English translation)

English translation

Bid Farewell to Happies

We smashed sidewalks.
Years took your head, hit the wall.
Love at first sight was the bribe of the fate.
And your heart is leashed, your poem is at coquettes.
Under the effect of very cute magic.
Its invocation is at the double.
Its fresh idea is going to anxiety.
It was a date with mental brawl.
Proceeded as flowing like water.
The thief grabbed the whole arm.
And two lives became an adventure.
One took the role of a thief.
The other was an always looking blind.
One suffered the pain, the other served it.
Songs are written about them.
One ended, another is played.
Songs have never stopped.
One said a lot of goodbye.
Other presented a letter of resignation to the life which is rejected by God. Set the barrier to his heart.
Heart is carried with stretcher.
Experienced the battle at one breath.
It was a difficult experience.
He was blind, didn’t have a sun.
It was tough, too many ordeals.
I am a wild angel in the hellhound field.
Stranger innkeeper.
Presumptioner in the universe of pain.
Arrest hunter, his arms are the land of handcuffs.
Relic of hypocritic happinesses.
Bid farewell to happies.
Hair died and born on my skin.
Drowned himself at water.
While sun burning itself.
I wrote all the poems at one whack.
My cigarette was out of breath.
I inserted a new one to the life.
I inhaled it.
Which one of us exist, which one doesn’t?
Can I kiss the death if it is my cavalier?
It is the anniversary at the pink planet world.
Handsel of winters.
Even pays one hundred thousand coin of fruit, cannot bring my love back.
I always stepped to my break with a breath of cigarette at my way. Ring my bell and I wake up.
I skipped the school yesterday too. I nailed the wall.
I realized that I am always walking around with a picture at my hand, I interpreted favorably.
I am here because I have to.
I am under its siege. I am a prisoner of the life.
I got my share.
I put the fallen back to its rail of one wagon train of my life.
I am at the last and the only voyage in the universe of going and coming. Is your heart empty? Fill it then.
It might stop suddenly, might expel.
Mention with the speech of sake.
Don’t make the benefit the comma of every line.
You are in the last and only voyage in a thousand of hellhound field.
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Uğurla Bahtiyarları

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