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У боротьбі (English translation)

  • Artist: Valentyn Smolyak
  • Song: У боротьбі

У боротьбі

"...І на оновленій землі
Врага не буде, супостата,
А буде син, і буде мати,
І будуть люде на землі." (Т. Шевченко)
у боротьбі проти світу його усталених законів
ми всі наївні ідіоти які вірять у казки
у справедливість власне її відновлення
у щастя у калейдоскоп ілюзій у наших солом'яних головах
у любов до ближнього і дальнього
у непотрібні штучно створені смисли
та невиправдані лейтмотиви прийдешніх днів
ми всі родичі гарбузові розкидані горóдом
все що відбувається це складові поліфункціональної формули
простіше сказати доля карма каббала талан чи шлях
(с) Валентин Смоляк 2022р.
Submitted by marynatchianovamarynatchianova on 2022-10-02
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In a fight

In a fight against the world, its stable laws
We are all naive idiots who believe in fairytales
In justice, its natural restoration,
In happiness, a caleidoscope of illusions in our straw heads,
In love for the furthest and the closest
In senses that were made upand are useless,
And the unjustified leimotifs of the upcoming days,
We are all a pumpkin family scattered in a garden.
All that happens is components of polyfunctional formulas,
It's easier to say fate, karma, luck , kabbalah or a path
© Valentyn Smolyak, 2022
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I started studying English at the age of 4. I've passed several English competitions and exams in Ukraine.
In journalism I focus on the accuracy and depth of covering art, tech and science topics. I think and even see dreams in this language which is an inseparable part of me.
The overal number of my original poems and translations is more than 2000.
Since 2016, I started delving deeper into the hidden pages of Ukrainian culture, literature and history, looking for ideas which didn't use to be part of the official high school/higher education/postgrad education curriculum in Ukraine.
Feel free to contact me if you're a professional translator or would like to find out more about Ukraine.
My Italian is quite rusty but I keep training and educating myself each day. I used to attend a brief course in this language between 2012 and 2014. Looking for tutors and pals in this language here.
French is easy for me to read and somewhat more complicated to write in. Usually I read simple articles in this language fast enough. I am fond of French fiction literature.

Submitted by marynatchianovamarynatchianova on 2022-10-02
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